Thursday, July 11, 2013

Why do people love to touch pregnant women's stomachs?

Why do people love to touch pregnant women's stomachs?

They see the frailty of human life and are overcome with emotion.  they want to cherish the new and fragile life that is going on there.  Their spirits rejoice with the bringing of a new soul into this world.  It is God given gift to us that we love other human beings.  It is this love that works its way out in wanting to be close to the new life, and also the pregnant mother, who has a direct connection to it.  It is a little symbiotic loving relationship in one tight concentrated package that concentrates their emotions in a way that they do not typically experience, and are therefore not deadened to.  
Some people stifle this emotion and the natural physical response, others are more in tune to it and can't help it.  Some people stifle it out of cultural norms (such as a man not being allowed to touch a woman he doesn't know) and others do it out of shyness or for other reasons.  

Contrast this to an abortion clinic. 

 You typically have a male doctor, who has deadened his response to this natural reaction.  This is pretty easy for him to do, as males typically are not as sensitive and loving as females to start with.  Add the fact that each baby he kills makes him thousands of dollars, and his cognitive dissonance is quite easy to ignore.  However, he is usually attended by a few female nurses, and the clinic is full of females.  For them, the cognitive dissonance is deafening.  What helps them ignore it is if they have had some kind of a trauma in their past in regards to producing or caring for children.  

Personal experience:

What prompted me to write this was that just now as I walked past a pregnant co-worked, I had an urge to go over there and just nuzzle up to her stomach and project love and blessing over her situation.  It’s a feeling that is enhanced if there is already someone there fawning over the prospective child.  I've had these urges before, as a child.  Also, when my own wife is pregnant, I occasionally get them, and act on them.  I hear stories from my wife about how other times strangers act on their emotions too.  It got to the point one time where she wanted to wear a shirt that said something to the effect that this is not a magic lamp!

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Just to be accurate: "Add the fact that each baby he kills makes him thousands of dollars". Abortions cost as little as $400-$500. Then there is the rental of the space, electricity, janitors, nurses, cable tv in the lobby, supplies, bio-hazard pickup, licensing, etc. It hurts and distracts from your argument when hyperbolic claims like that are made.

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