Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The real Story of Liberalism - from Eve to Obama

March 3, 2013:


Let me tell you the story of liberalism.  This is a true and accurate story, and can be verified by secondary sources quite easily by anyone who knows how to research a claim and determine if it is indeed factual.  This story spans thousands of years, but I'd like to venture to show you how certain events are related over this time period.
Liberalism, as I use it here, is the shrugging off of responsibility one has to an authority figure who has one's best interest at heart.  The first recorded case of liberalism is given to us in the book of Genesis, chapter 3, which describes how Eve was tempted by Satan to believe that God did not have her best interest at heart, and to therefore liberate herself from the boundaries He had set up to protect her.  Eve believed Satan, and the effect of  this mistake was that she, her husband, and the rest of humanity had to be excluded from living in a paradise on earth. 
There are more instances of liberalism recorded in the Scripture, and all have similar causes and effects. I believe this cycle is best summed up by the story of David.  You can read about it in the book A Tale of three Kings: A Study in Brokenness by Gene Edwards, as he contrasts liberalism against an authority figure who has ones' best interest at heart affects a country, and how when a man takes a stand against that creates one of the greatest kings of Israel.   But lets fast forward to recent history, to 1921.  Here we see another Saul, a child of Israel, who decides to usurp the authority of his parents.  Saul Alinksy was a devout Jew until the age of 12, after which time he began to fear that his parents would force him to become a rabbi.  Like the king Saul, Saul Alinsky chose to rebel against this authority figure, and he made it his lifes work to influence others to do the same.  Alinsky wasn't shy about advertising the inspiration of his work - he even dedicated Rules for Radicals to Lucifer.  Note the gist of Alinsky's teachings (from “Rules for Radicals]
[You must help]  the people in the community…feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so future-less in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and chance the future. [An] organizer must shake up the prevailing patterns of their lives—agitate, create disenchantment and discontent with the current values, to produce, if not a passion for change, at least a passive, affirmative, non-challenging climate. [You must] fan the embers of hopelessness into a flame of fight."
 In America, the minority post-African community has long been a target of Alinsky's students for this "Help".  Students of Alisnsky used this tactic to successfully elect Barack Obama Jr. to be the President of the United States.
Note the cause and effect of liberalism throughout history.  The effects in particular, have been devastating.  So lets give a brief overview of what has been accomplished since Barack Obama's presidency:
1. Destruction of family values - The social liberalism that Alinsky began in the 1960's has been canonized and accepted by the youth of America.  For example, the expansion of legalized gay marriage and endorsement of such by the president.
2. Destabilization of the American economy: Through the Federal Reserve, the Obama administration has managed to prolong the recession longer than any other in American history.
3.  Destabilization of American military: Through an obscure loophole known as sequestration, funding for the military has been slashed.  It has also worked to foment disparity in the House and Senate in order to prolong the effects of sequestration.  Additional destabilization has occurred by mandating that homosexuals should live alongside heterosexual warriors and that the American people should pay for the benefits of the lovers of homosexuals in the military.
4.  The American people have been taught to rely ever increasingly on government to solve their problems in an outright attempt to change America from a capitalist nation to a socialist one.  Government mandated healthcare, Recovery Act (goverment jobs), higher taxes through payroll taxes, increased government intervention in the financial institutions, increased government backed tuition assistance.

As history has taught us, the consequences of this liberalism will not be good.  Liberalism can be classified as a disease, because at is very core is the idea that one deserves something that in reality is undeserved - and it seeks to take it by force from the lifeblood of the body. 
Using that analogy, if the disease of liberalism is not removed from America, then eventually it will overtake America, killing it in the process.  Note that this liberal ideology has been able to infiltrate one of the major political parties of America, since the 1960's.  It has hijacked the trajectory of the Democratic party such that the Democratic party of today bears no resemblance to the one of the 1950's. 

The question I have for you is, will this disease be allowed to kill the American body?  At this point in history, in 2013, there is still a chance of a positive outcome were surgery to remove this cancer be performed.  It would take sincere repentance on the part of many American's in order for this to happen. Note that the political embodiment of liberalism is socialism - which is taking money and power from the people who earned it and giving it to those who did not. I call on my Democrat party friends to realize that their party is not the same as their father's party, and it therefore does not deserve their unquestioned loyalty.  I am amazed at how people so identify themselves with the label Democrat, that they refuse to distance themselves from a platform that shares almost nothing in common with their personal held beliefs.  The Democratic party today is the Socialist party of yesteryear.  America has time and again said that they do not want socialism, but the liberals simply relabeled it, and with that, took Upton Sinclairs advice which he gave American Socialist Norman Thomas, in a 1951 letter: "The American People will take Socialism, but they won't take the label. I certainly proved it in the case of EPIC. Running on the Socialist ticket I got 60,000 votes, and running on the slogan to 'End Poverty in California' I got 879,000. I think we simply have to recognize the fact that our enemies have succeeded in spreading the Big Lie. There is no use attacking it by a front attack, it is much better to out-flank them."

We still have time, but time is short.  America is on life support.  Just look at the heartbeat of America, our money.  I am calling for the Democratic party to be abolished in order to extinguish the cancer of liberalism from America.  I would suggest that the Tea Party movement form an actual political party and for repentant ex Democrats to either join this new party or an existing one. 
Action must be swift, decisive, and pervasive.  If this cancer is allowed to spread much more, it will take up over half of the body, and the body can not survive under those conditions. 

- P. Ulrich

Sunday, January 20, 2019

How to cascade (bridge mode) connect a Linksys Smartwifi router as a secondary router

In this post, I will explain and give a real world application of how to piggyback a Linksys Smart Wifi router with the new 2019 firmwares you have to deal with.
Why?  There are a lot of changes with the new smart router firmware, and no where on the internet, including the manual or Linksys' Website, explain it well.
For this documentation, I use a WRT1900AC and an EA6400.

First, I want you to read this.  This was the closest thing I could get to helpful:
If you are trying to expand your network with a Lan-Lan connection, forget all you ever knew about the traditional Lan-lan setup.
Linksys has made it easier for the newbie and harder for the experienced networking administrator!


Things didn't go exactly like this: you have to navigate to www.linksyssmartwifi.com. Not or myrouter.local anymore!
And you have to wait a minute for the router page to come up all the way.
  1. Reset router. If its not reset, you won't be able to proceed.  For instance, on the WRT1900 AC, there will be no option to change the internet type.  YOU MUST RESET the router.  No one else on the internet will tell you this important step (took me 6 hours to figure it out)
  2. Hook up router ports 1-4 on the secondary router to a computer's ethernet.
  3. go to www.linksyssmartwifi.com on the pc
  4. Login to the secondary using the default which is admin, admin
  5. Go to connectivity, internet settings, IPV4, edit, Bridge mode
  6. Specify the IP address so that you can pull up the router later easier. For me, the main gateway has an IP address of, so I had to set the secondar to IP address:, subnet mask, default gateway: same as main router.  
  7. Click OK, and save the settings.  YOu will now loose connectivity with the router.  
  8. Connect the modem-router (gateway) to the Internet Port of the Linksys router.
  9. Once your router detects that there is Internet access, it will give you an Internet Restored prompt.  Click Yes. IF this doesn't happen, try resetting everything. For instance, if the gateway modem is not giving out any ip addresses, then reboot that. Login again to www.linksyssmartwifi.com
9. Setup your router wireless settings. You won't be able to do much, no more parental controls, etc. Its just a bridge now. If you have a usb device plugged in, it will just show up on the network. You can no longer control its access, etc.  This is your last change before you unplug the computer you are accessing to the router locally with and installing it on the network.  Otherwise you will have to connect directly to the router later (via wifi or ethernet) and made changes like the wifi password.

10. When done, leave the secondary routers Internet port hoooked up to ports 1-4 on the primary. Smart routers like this Linksys do not need you to change it to a port 1-4.

EA6400 was able to change to bridge mode without resetting. However the AC1900 did not have that option until I reset the router.   Was trying to configure like this through another router – doesn't work. Also remember, you Can't backup settings except when  locally connected to the router. 

Thursday, August 23, 2018

A Brief History of the World

Tonight, like most nights these past six months, I was very lonely.  While enjoying a sumptuous repast to its maximum, I began to long for more of a taste of the music I was hearing on a radio show about the TV show Fauda.  So turned on Youtube and found an hour long video of Arabic instrumentals.  I kicked back, closed my eyes, and sucked on a few of my absolute favorite desert ever (coconut chocolates from Edward Marc) and of course, I was very relaxed. In fact, I haven't been this much inspired since I figured out how to hard boil an egg at work (my last post).   Thus in this state of relaxation, I came up with this little nuggets that just wouldn't do to keep in my personal journal, so I'm here to share it with you.  
A Brief History of the World and Life and Everything
As you are probably aware (being literate as though you are), the center of world is superficially located in Jerusalem.  I assume since you have taken the time to read, you have thus taken the time to read the most published and read book that ever was and ever will be, the Bible.  Thus is no surprise to you, dear reader, that Jerusalem is the center of Israel, which is the center of the Middle-east (in itself the word middle, or center), which is the center of all countries, and life, and civilization, and everything.  It is this little spot on the map which acts like a foci and while although not everything began here, everything that began elsewhere was and is focused through this central point and emanates out in your future.  Thus it behooves you dear reader, to read on.  Not because what I've written thus far is extraordinary, quite the contrary it has been pedantic.  But there may be a soul or two this outline should reach, which have forgotten about this or for reasons known only to certain slavers, it has been kept secret from this to this very day, this very hour, this very dot.
IT IS written in this good book (a letter of love from my father and yours) that "if man were to be silent, even the rocks would cry out".  Since this would be exceedingly freaky to me at least, if not you also, let us circumvent this geological cacophony and I will explain to you the natural ways which have evinced myself of the logical flow of this HisStory of ours.  
Since this story began with a touch of music, and seems to be flowing along quite nicely, let me revisit that subject and explain it more fully.  Music, you see, is the tapestry upon which life is quilted.  In the beginning, there was nothing, no sound.  Then God said, let there be waves (light) and the universe began to sing. Everything that then was made vibrates with its own unique frequency (sound) and through sound it was created.  You see, words are power; the beginning of life, the end of life, and the stuff in between.  Hopefully through the years of your miserable existing on this earth, you have not forsaken your innate longing for music, and have explored every kind of music to its fullest.  I do hope dear reader, for your sake, that you did not find one suitable genre and simply camp out there, forsaken all the wonderful tastes which await you in the life beyond what simply your friends are listening to.  Just as I keyed you in on the best desert ever hands down, if this happens to describe your sorry state, I take pity on you and must do what I can to ease your burden, you sorrowful wretch.  The next time you feel like cutting yourself, may I direct you to the best music on the planet, which is middle-eastern music.  It is from this ancient music, described and recorded in the most ancient of scriptures, from which all other man-made musics derive.  (I specify man-made because God made music long before man was round and it persists to this day through the power of his word to propagate the vibrations).  Listening to said music, one can hear the familiar call and response of jazz music, represented by a reed instrumental horn which tremolos like a singers voice all over the place.  Ever since the Movie, the Fifth Element, I've been a fan of world music.  This genre is little more than Arabic music with a few instrument substitutions and perhaps a non-arab language substituted in.  As such, the layers upon layers of sounds stimulate one's own good vibrations (in the form of brainwaves) as one hears with distinction cymbals, bells, drums of all kinds, vocal harmonies, lyres, harps, violins, harpsichords, and other stringed instruments which are plucked or excited with a bow, maracas and other shaken instruments, brass horns, both long and short, all kinds of flutes and woodwinds; nothing is lost or missing.  As I listen to such music, it is impossible for me not to see the images of so many movies that have, in America, used this music to inject the effect of depth, history, and mystique into a film.  Film relies heavily on music, a plot (Story), and acting (pictures) - in that order of importance.  Did you know that the entire earth is the plot of the story?  you should read the script sometime - find out who the bad guy and good guy is and who wins at the end.  But read it the same way I found myself listening to this beautiful and rich music - in a relaxed state and with an open mind.  Lets continue connecting the dots between Middle-eastern music and all other genres.  Rock and roll in the 60's pervasively began using the effect of distortion in music, something which has always been a part of middle -eastern music, which at times sounds like the special effects sound booth on a movie script, with singular plops and re-animation of the prior tones, but at new pitches and differing counts.  
Even without words, Middle Eastern music tells a story - you can close your eyes your self and see it playing on the movie screen installed on the back of your eye's lids (I assume you have one too? I figured everyone did).  I can't touch on every genre, but I'll mention a few more before we move on.  The fever pitch and excitement of Ska and punk are grounded in the even more excited pitch and frantic beat of some portions of middle eastern songs, which no doubt get your heart racing.  When the music swells and the tongues flick their reeds as fast as humanly possible and the violins march on with their short notes, I see the correlation to the energetic genres of modern times.  
The repetitive and hypnotizing effect of Country twang even is reminiscent of many middle-eastern tracks, which have a twanging instrument that is similarly hypnotic.  
And when a middle eastern song has words, I'm tempted to sing along.  Somehow some deep part of me KNOWS these words and can understand the meaning behind them, even though I know barely a lick of either language.  It scientifically would make sense even, since we all used to speak the same language.  Perhaps you have witnessed a gathering of Christians who are attempting to speak in tongues.  although they have simply trained their brains to turn off its ability to make distinguishable words yet still speak, you no doubt noticed the similarity of the song to Hebrew.  How is it that such a large portion of this population can manage to mimic the general feel, accent, of a language that they are in no familiar or educated enough to know a lick of?
As I listened to this music I was transported back in time to my first real, live, hoochie coochie dance.  I believe it was at a restaurant in Indianapolis called The Greek Islands.  This is perhaps when I discovered my love for Greek food and belly dancing and all the finer things in life.  When my belly was full and I set aside my Americanness for one hot minute, I was able to embrace what I now know is in my genes - middle eastern food, dancing, and music.  It is woven throughout my DNA like a tapestry of music and when I was able to stitch myself back into that vibe, I felt so so much at home, like what I was experiencing was the "real" me and the former American version of myself was anachronist.  I do believe I was never the same after that meal.  As  Alan Jackson notes in his song, the ancient art of the hoochie coochie dance is hot.  It is without a doubt, the hottest dance that ever was and ever will be, and it is responsible, in part if not in whole, for the current rash of Muslim fanaticism that is rearing its ugly head as terrorism and the Shariah Law movement. 
You see, right up until the year I was born, Iranian women were encouraged and even forced to not wear a head covering.  But the belly dance and sexual revolution of the 60's, combined with middle eastern women's increasing comfortableness with expressing themselves, lead to a sort of Global Warming that affected the middle East especially.  So I can't really blame middle eastern men for dealing with it the only way they knew how to retain their composure, and 1979’s Iranian Revolution made the cloth compulsory once more (it has been through cycles of compulsion and forbidden for thousands of years).  There are many reasons that the belly dance is the hottest dance that ever was and ever will be.  One reason is that it leaves just the right amount to the imagination, and as we all know, the mind is the seat of the all eros.  Unlike the dances you see in the clubs of today, thankfully for the rest of the world they are not as sexy as the belly dance, or all of us might be screaming around at strangers and losing our heads.  
I know that this year many of you dear readers are anxious about what will come of all this Sharia law and fighting in the middle east, but let me put your mind to ease.  Now that the head scarves are back on, the temperature is lowering and one day will be back down to normal.  
Lets turn the conversation back to food and I will show you how all our food also traces back to the middle east.  Its interesting for me as an American to see the trend of the healthiest food and diets trending back towards the middle eastern diet once again, as our scientists continue to come out with new research which explains how American processed foods like hamburgers and pizza are as addictive as hard drugs and just as bad for us.  Honey is a major staple of this diet - and it is a perfect food, a sweet balance of natural sugars which can be made only by Gods nature, never replicated, and can be stored for centuries in its compact form which can lift the countenance of even the most tired prince among us.  It is a main component in my second favorite desert - Baklava.  My Lebanese college roommate, Zeid Al-Khadra, introduced me to noodles covered with yoghurt and lemon juice - a dish I still crave to this day but have not been able to replicate.  I do believe if all these different factions were to just chill out and sit down every night and enjoy food together that would finally give the world Peace in the middle East.  It certainly worked wonders for our relationship.  Zeid- if you are reading this, please reach out and say Hi.  I have tried to reach you for years!  
A couple years ago a middle eastern young man came to my church, friends of some parishioners there, and we hit it off so completely and unexpectedly.  I felt God compelling me to talk to him - and so I did - awkwardly I might add - but he was also tuned into God and forgave me this awkwardness and saw my sincerity and this allowed our friendship to grow deeper in a  day than a year with any of my countrymen ever has or will.  Hade Al-Shamrani - I love you dear brother and still pray for you think of you.  Its amazing what happens when one returns to ones roots and embraces them.  Blood runs thicker than water, and your blood and mine all runs back to the foot of the mountain upon which Noah's ark came to rest.  Noah had three sons, and from these three sons came all the colors and races of the earth.  Middle eastern genetics reflects that - it is the perfect place to start from to get the diversity we enjoy today on the earth.  Certainly if we had started with a race similar to my family today we would never have made it to the darker end of the genetic rainbow.  And so I see harmony behind the feeling of belonging I felt when I'm close to the middle east or people or things from that culture.  Give it a try - you probably will be too.  
There are many other things I see around me today that can be explained by going back to its origins in the middle east.  Perhaps one day I'll find enough time to explain them more to you.  Until then, give it some time, and try out what I recommended and write back to me in the comments the connections that you see!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

How to hard boil an egg at the office

So, you are running late for work, but want a hardboiled egg on your tasty salad?

How are you going to hard boil an egg without a stove or an oven?  Stay tuned for the answer on how to perfectly hardboil a single egg with items common found at the office. 

Step 1.  Get a large coffee cup that is microwave safe. 

Step 2.  Fill cup with hot water. 

Step 3.  Heat water until it comes to a roiling boil in a microwave. 

Step 4.  Gently place egg in cup and set a timer for ten minutes. 

Step 5.  After 10 minutes, remove the egg from the cup and reheat the water to boiling, put the egg back in and then set a timer for 10 minutes. 

Step 6.  After the timer goes off, pour the hot water out of the cup and run cold water in the cup for a bit to cool it down.

Step 7.  Add ice to the cup (with the egg in it) and add ¼ cup water and swirl.  Set aside for 5-10 minutes.

Step 8.  Peel the egg and enjoy!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Poem - Girl Power

The strength of a Girlie
The strength of a female is different from that of a male.  A male prefers bravado, a female can afford no such luxury.  She prefers the weapons of planning, cunning, steadfastness, readiness, and determination.  When the enemy has their guard down, she will strike for the kill.  When it is up, she will strike on the offense. 
She will not tire, she will not rest, she will not stop until the job is done.  You will take one look at her and underestimate her.  She has a curvy silhouette and short stature.  That will be your undoing.  She is smart.  While her enemies are goofing off, she is training.  While they are taking a break, she is studying.  While they take a risk, she calculates a successful attack plan.  She may not be as strong as you, but she will nip at your edges until you are only a soft chewy center, ripe for the plucking. 

Then, if you’ve caught her on a good day, she will show you mercy and let you live.  She will even bandage your wounds, cook you dinner, and serve you in many ways.  Her tenacity does not stop.  She is not swayed by whimsy, but instead she is motivated by what is right and wrong.  She will continue to do what is right, despite your temptations to get her to succumb.  There is no weakness in her.  Her core is strength and under those curves are muscles strong from years of caring for others through years of abuse.  

Monday, January 16, 2017

How to cope with owning an LG dishwasher - the dreaded 0E error - dishwasher not draining.

IF you are thinking of buying new parts to fix code 0E, read this first.  

A few years ago I decided to "upgrade" to a super quiet LG stainless steel dishwasher.  All was well, it was truly a quiet machine!  However, it began mysteriously giving the 0E error code.  I scoured the internet and gathered all the information I could find about this machine and its problem.
It turns out it was designed to get this error every so often in order to get money back to LG because its a drain hose issue, which isn't covered by warranty when it gets clogged. $269 they will charge you.  Well I'm here to help you redesign this machine and be able to once again enjoy it.

First off, you'll want to start scraping/rinsing your plates.  These things are actually dish sanitizers, not dishwashers.  I was a dishwasher for a year or two back in highschool - these machines they sell us for residential use are not dishwashers.  However, they are able to add a nice finishing touch.  Keep a stack of old rags around and you'll want to remove especially any grease or fat (any lipid matter) and throw it away!
Second, you'll want to install a stainless steel braided hose long enough to make it easy for you to pull the machine out and tip it forward on its door.  Here are some: http://www.homedepot.com/b/Plumbing-Plumbing-Parts-Repair-Shut-off-Valves-Supply-Lines-Supply-Lines/Dishwasher-Connector/N-5yc1vZbqjnZ1z133sa
The DW has a 3/8" El on it that is a half-inch connect on the DW (Dishwasher) side.
I suppose you could get a plastic line, but I don't recommend it.  Definitely not copper - it will break and kink eventually as you have to do some yearly maintenance.
Third, you will want to install a proper Dishwasher Wye.  Something like this:

1-1/2 in. x 8 in. Brass Plain-End Branch Dishwasher Wye Tailpiece by EverBuilt 

Thing is, the cheap plastic ones don't have a big enough tube off the to the side.  So if you hook it up to the air gap, you run the risk of getting a choke point when the water flows and it might spew out the air gap (don't ask me how I know).  Also, I don't know about you put the plastic ones will come right off the sink threads and is easily stripped.  This sucker is solid.  Only problem would be corrosion.  I painted the inside of mine with some rust preventative paint to help prolong its life.  

Usually when I get the 0E error, I just plug the sink drains and hook up the shop vac to the air gap.  This time, I did that at first and kept getting the 0E error (3 times).  The 4th time, I could no longer do this, it was totally plugged.  This was a blessing in disguise. 
The first 3 times, the drain flow was simply restricted by fatty deposits.  The 4th time, it was totally blocked.  
The clog appears to occur in the second hose from the pump, about 8 feet in from the air trap, which is at the bottom corner of the dishwasher when installed.  

This is the farthest point from any accessible end of the drain hose. Its the low point, and a bend, about at the bottom right rear of the machine.  Since it was unreachable, the way we cleared it out was to disconnect the pump end and put it in a bucket full of hot soapy water.  I had to un-route a couple feet of it to get enough free for this to occur.  Then I disconnected the evaporator port (that is what I'm calling the black line in the upper left of the picture above), plugged it with a pencil by removing the round plastic .6” tube which is wedged in the blue rubber grommet, and disconnected the air trap end of the drain hose, and put it in a wet vac.  Its best do this with a helper.  We then sucked out the bucket of water through all the grey drain hose while shaking the hoses.  
I then reinstalled all the hoses, redid the air trap thing and unplugged it and put it all back together.  After I reinstalled the dishwasher, I ran the drain function by holding the cancel buttons for 3 seconds.  The water then drain through the filter inside and came out the circular port to the left of the filter in a recirculation pattern that you can observe, since this can thankfully be done while the door is ajar.  This is the round dark area in the middle of the above picture inside the translucent plastic piece.  I was treated to seeing a nice clump of moldy fatty brown gunk spew out of that port - it still retained the shape of the inside of the hose.  

One of the things I did to help prevent this in the future was that I took a stainless steel scrubber 

 and put it int he top of the circular filter trap.  The trap is poorly designed and can allow large particles past it when it is removed.  This scrubber will prevent that from occurring while allowing good water flow.  Additionally, it will cool grease/fat and hopefully collect some so if it does clog, it occurs in a more accessible area of the drain hose.  

Time will tell!
A lot of people online say they bought new parts to fix this error code.  ITs such a waste of money.  For a couple years, just the act of taking out the dishwasher and turning it over and back up was enough to clear the code, because the real problem is that the dishwasher is finicky about the flow rate of the drain.  If you get code OE, just clean your drain lines.  If that doesn't work, the first parts I'd buy are new drain hoses and that translucent plastic piece on the left side of the DW (shown above).  

If all else fails, use LG's handy troubleshooterL
I didn't find it very helpful for code 0E.  They should design dishwashers such that they filter out lipids before they reach the innards of the machine.  Also, the drain system should be more robust such that slight constriction of the drain lines leads to no degradation in function.  Who has perfectly clean and clear drains?  The leading edge of the Global 7000 flaps are designed such that it can retain a half inch of ice and it still wouldn't run into anything.  LG - how would you like to fly on a plane designed as well as your dishwashers?  Oh- sorry folks, its raining, we can't fly now the engines might get wet and seize up and explode.  

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

How to cope with life when your child dies in a drowning accident or drowns but doesn't die - a Christian perspective.

The purpose of this post is to help people cope with a drowning accident.
Before we get to that, let me say the most important thing - if and when your children are around water, make them wear something buoyant.  Foam swim clothes for babies, puddle jumpers for toddlers, life vests for older kids or kids on bodies of water other than pools.  If they are buoyant, they can make some noise and be visible and have a chance - remember, drowning is the silent killer.

A couple of years ago my 3 year old daughter drown in my neighbors pool.  Thankfully, God  resuscitated her and she is alive today.   There are 2 main things that will completely take over your life after such an event:
1.  How you should react/interact with your spouse and cope
2.  How you should act around your other children and your child who survived.

I was discussing the incident today with my now 5 year old daughter at the spot where she drown.  I'm pleased to report that my wife and I must have done something right, because all those things I worried about never happened and my daughter hasn't been affected negatively at all by her drowning.  She is not scared of the hot tub in which she drown, she is not scared of swimming, she is not repressing anything or maladjusted psychologically.  She even remembers the event fondly.  She remembers the drowning, being stuck in the deep box of the hot tub and not being able to get out, but she also remembers the time she spent with us, getting to ride in the ambulance with her mom, and spending the night with her parents at the hospital and getting to watch TV.

I can't guarantee if you do what I did you will get the same results.  Maybe my baby girl is just so awesome that she'd be cool like this no matter what her mom and I did.  She does have an amazing personality and smiles all day long.  She's a real corker, as one of our friends says.  But there were a couple decisions I had to make about how to treat this event and I would recommend them to anyone.

1.  Don't bring up the incident in daily conversation unless the child who drowned brings it up and wants to talk about it.  They probably won't bring it up, but if they do then answer their questions in a normal tone of voice.  Do not treat the incident differently from other things that happen in life.  Its not a family secret or a dirty little secret.  Don't whisper, frown, only talk about it when alone, etc.
2.  Tell the rest of your kids not to bring up the drowning unless the victim brings it up, and then when she does, remind them not to dwell on it or embellish it.  My daughter had 3 older very talkative siblings, who at the time were more than happy to say really stupid and insensitive stuff about the incident such as "Daddy let you drown" and "don't do that, you'll drown and die again!"  Not helpful, in fact its harmful.  People remember things only if they replay them over and over again in their minds.  So the goal here is to let the bad memories go.  Young children especially, will focus on the good things I think.  But if yours isn't, then feel free to remind them of the good things around that time.  I had to very sternly tell my children the rules about the drowning.  Kids think they know whats best, but their words can do so much damage.  I leaned on God heavily to tell me how to handle the situation and He did.  I told the kids not to talk about the event with each other or the victim.  Its best to let the memory fade.  The ability to forget is a wonderful thing.
3.  Don't change your swimming habits or routine.  If the drowning victim is more hesitant around water than she was before, then go with it.  Start over swim training if you have to, but do not push them at all.

If you find you are beating yourself up about allowing your child to drown, then try to focus on the good things that it brought about.  Maybe it encouraged you to get CPR training, like it did me, and you will see someone elses life.  One thing is for sure, you will figure out just how much you missed your kids by how you react.  Remember that - remember how much you love your kids, or miss the one who died, and dwell on it.  It will make you a better person when you take life less for granted.

If you are wondering where I'm coming from and what my credentials are, you should know that although I'm not a psychologist, I did take to it very well as I learned in the few classes I took.  I'd make a good behavioral scientist (I know this from what other people have observed about me).  Also, I can offer up the solitary journal entry I have from that event.  Because I know if I were you and I had just read this I would really want a full accounting of what happened so that I could determine the veracity of the above statements.  so here goes:

I need to remember what it is I learned from this experience.  
Ever since Josh and Kelly Proctor had a stillborn baby I had wondered to God what it would be like to lose a Child.  I know this sounds bad, but I wondered, why aren’t they happy for the child?  After all, being a pastor, he should know it’s in a better place.  
That is the wrong thing to say to someone in that situation.  They want to grieve.  
I’ll never forget the evening of Friday, June 20, approximately 8 PM.  Annabelle should have been in bed by then, but  she and Savannah had worked hard cleaning up the house and had earned the right to go to the pool.  So I took them around 7:45.  Gerald was in the pool cleaning it, and he invited us in.  I notice the pool water had some debris in it, so I got the skimmer and started skimming.  I asked Gerald how often the pool water needed this, and he said every time you swim.  Bugs and leaves get in it all the time.  I started talking to him more and more.  Savannah jumped in with him and started swimming.  I walked past Annabelles life jacket on the bench and considered putting it on her.  I made a pass around the pool once while Annabelle took her Yellow duck float and jumped in the hot tub.  It has a seat around the outside and she can stand on it and be above water.  Plus she had the float, so I figured she was good to go without the jacket for a while.  Besides, once I was done skimming, I’d be right with her the whole time.  I had been teaching her how to swim a few days before and she made lots of progress.  
After the first pass around the pool, I started talking to Gerald and focusing on the corner near the hot tub.  Then I looked up, God prompted me to look up and check on Annabelle.  There she was, her duck in the corner of the tub, and she was floating face down in the water.  At first I thought she must be playing a trick on me.  But she is too young.  She isn’t moving, and she doesn’t know how to do that.  I grabbed her.  Her face is blue.  She is dead.  How long has she been like that?  This can’t be happening.  I tried holding her upside down and squeezing the water out of her lungs.  Nothing came out.  
I put her gently down on the Astroturf.  Her eyes were closed.  I should give her CPR.  I pushed on her chest a bit.  Nothing.  I tried opening her mouth.  It was shut tight.  I tried prying her teeth apart.  I blew into her mouth with them together.  It’s not working!  All the time, I’m saying Shit, Shit, Shit, Shit.  Oh Shit.  No, NO!  Gerald is out of the pool in a snap and on the other side of her, looking so very concerned.  
What I’m doing isn’t working.  I realize that God wants to save her, not have me do it.  This is going to be weird, but I’m going to do it anyway.  I look up the sky, reach out with my right hand and say “God, save her!”  I look back  down at her, pry her mouth open a bit, and blow into her lungs.  This isn’t doing anything, I think.  But her mouth loosens a bit.  Her eyes open.  She is so blue.  They are glazed over.  She looks like a zombie.  She is coming back from the dead.  God has restored her soul into her body at this point.  I’m a little hesitant to rejoice- there is still work to do.  The blowing worked, so I did it again.  She must have water in her lungs, so I flip her over and hold her upside down.  Nothing is coming out.  She says “Daddy” in a really slow and groggy voice.  She is getting stronger.  I’m trying to drain the water out.
Gerald takes her and does reverse chest compressions on her, pushing her rib cage up by her weight.  She vomits a big.  “That’s good”, he says, “That’s a good sign”.  He does it some more.  I think that will also get air into her lungs.  Nothing more for me to do.  I stand up.  I pace.  What should I do?  He is doing the best thing right now.  I call to Savannah – go get your mother!  A minute later she is there with a phone.  “Call 911!”, I yell.  “You can go inside and use his phone”.  I walk over to her.  “I found Annabelle face down in the pool.”  “How long was she like that?” she asks.  “I don’t know!”  I go over to Annabelle, and she pukes up the rest of her dinner.  I take her and hold her.  Stephanie brings me a towel.  Annabelle is going to make it now, I know, I just want her to be comfortable now.  I want her to feel my love.  I put a towel on my shoulder and hold her on it.  I pat her back and tell her how much I love her.  
“How could I let this happen!” I think.  No time for those thoughts now.  I check on Annabelle, she looks tired, but OK.  She is so precious to me, how could I let that happen?  When will the Ambulance be here?  They were just down the other street a minute ago, can’t they stop by here?  I talk to Stephanie.  We hear some sirens and decide to go out to the driveway.  Stephanie is holding her now, she wanted her mommy.  I’m a bit upset that she doesn’t want me to hold her.  Will she love me less?  I saved her, I want to hold her.  But I know I’m also the one who let her drown, so I just want whatever she wants.  She holds Stephanie while the Fire Response team arrives.  I go out to them in the yard, and wave them over.  They aren’t moving very fast.  I tell them what happened.  They put an oxygen monitor on her.  They want my ID and I tell them we live across the street.  The police come.  They look for a seat “For the mother”, and they get a stool out of Gerald’s garage.  There Stephanie sits, holding Annabelle.  They do a pupil dilation on her while I watch; normal response.  There are now four emergency vehicles in the street.  This is going to be expensive.  The cops are asking me the same information.  I explain to one what happened.  The EMS are talking about taking her to the hospital.  I realize I should probably get dressed.  I want to go with Annabelle, I want to be there for her.  I walk over to the house and get dressed and go back.  Stephanie is in the Ambulance still holding Annabelle.  I pop my head in and give her my cell phone since we can’t find hers.  We make plans to meet at the hospital.  I overhear the officer explaining to his chief what I told him.  I ask them if they need anything else, they say “No.”  I go back to the house and yell at the older kids once again to go inside – they are talking to the neighbors about what happened.  They just are not listening – they woke up the baby and aren’t going to bed.  I put them to work – they can’t find her phone either.  I can’t find the neighbors number, so I drive over there  really fast.  I drive back home and she is there a minute later.  I get some stuff for an overnight hospital stay and leave.  I drive like a bat out of hell to the highway and then as I go through in my mind what I need to take I remember that I forgot the car seat.  I have to go back.  Even faster now, I try not to draw attention, but I just want to get there.  I pull up the driveway with my blinkers on and hop out, grab the seat, and take off again.  I’m driving 25 miles over the speed limit – 65 in a 40.  I get to the highway fast and turn on my blinkers.  After I ride someone’s bumper a few seconds, they usually get over.  I’m going 85 MPH.  Why did they want to take her to downtown Dallas!  That is ridiculous.  I get to the busy interchange and have to slow down because there is too much traffic.  After a while I turn off my blinkers.  I’m going as fast as I can and still be safe.  I finally get to the exit, and right before I do, I finally see a cop car.  I’m glad I didn’t get pulled over.  As I’m driving I’m considering what I’d do if I saw one try to pull me over.  Would I stop or keep going?  If I stop, I’ll ask them for an escort.  I get there and park in the first lot I see.  Its so far away, I grab the stuff and take off jogging.  
I ask a stranger where a little kid would go if they came in on an ambulance – and they point me to the right place.  I wonder how crazy they think I am, or if I was going to ask them for money.  
I get inside and go to the desk.  The nice lady there asks for ID and looks up AB in the computer.  She isn’t there, she says.  Oh, there she is, they just put her in.  She says,  “You probably don’t want to wait, I’ll take you right back” and off we go.  “You are right, thank you.” I muster.  She takes me through the doors and to the room where I see my Annabelle laying reposed on the bed and my wife with a smile sitting in a chair.  I ask Annabelle what happened.  
“I was in the cold tub.  I slipped in the water.  I kept my mouth shut like you taught me.  Then you pulled me out.”  
The nurse is there, listening.  She says she has a good vocabulary.  I’m proud of her.  I’m ashamed of me.  What a bad parent I am, so let that happen to her.  How could I hurt her so much?  She is so perfect and innocent and godly and pure, and, and, and…..I push my disgust aside.  Its not helpful now, and I’m only doing what is helpful.  I talk to my wife next.  I apologize to her.  She is acting like it’s a regular doctor visit.  I ask her what happened and she explains the trip to me.  I talk to Annabelle some more.  I’m up, I’m down.  She’s watching TV and I sit right in front of her face and hold it and look into her eyes.  I was expecting her to be happy to see me, but she is watching TV and doesn’t pay me much attention.  I’m heartbroken, but I push it aside because I don’t matter.  Its late now, so I go over to Annabelle and tuck her into bed and rub her head until she nods off.  It doesn’t take long.  For the next couple hours I talk to Stephanie.  I have so much to work out.  But I know she isn’t’ ready for it yet.  I try to explain to her that I feel guilty for not being that shook up that Annabelle almost died – because I know she’d be in heaven so Its not such a big deal.  But on the other hand, shouldn’t I be really, really concerned?  She takes it as an insult, since she is acting the same way I am.  I explain its not, that it’s the way I feel.  Eventually she understands.  We talk and talk and talk.  She feels very close to me now, because of that, I know.  She is very supportive and comforting.  I put my head on her shoulder and take a short nap.  When I wake up, I want to leave.  I don’t want to be there any longer, I want to put this behind me.  Yet I’m torn, because this is such a big deal, I want it to be a big part of my life.  For four hours I’ve been wondering what God is trying to teach me through this.  Then it hits me.  I tell Stephanie about how I’ve always wondered what it would be like to lose a child- and when I think about that, I think of Annabelle.  She said she does too.  I wonder aloud if Satan is trying to attack her.  She is such a happy and obedient child.  She is the only one of my children who demonstrates a relationship with God that actively means something.  
We pray again.  The first time was for a complete and total healing of Annabelle, but now its for God to protect her from Satan, and to break his attack on her life.  I mention that we should give her a middle name, because she seems incomplete without one.  Like she is a person in Limbo; I don’t want her to be in Limbo – I want her to be with me, really and truly and fully all the way here in my arms firmly planted on this earth.  I think about names.  Life.  Her name is now life; because I am countering Satan’s attempt to take it.  It turns out that the name for Life is Eve.  Annabelle Eve Ulrich.  I’m learning a lot, but surely this isn’t about me.  Its about Annabelle, she is the one who nearly died.  Where is His compassion on her?  Surely God isn’t just using this to teach moi a lesson?
Annabelle, God is going to make it up to you one day.  If He used you to teach me a lesson, then He will make it up to you in Heaven.  Otherwise, it wouldn’t be fair.  

Just so I don’t forget, I want to write down what it is like to lose a child.  If its even remotely your fault, you will hate yourself for letting them die.  If it was your miscarriage, you will question every action of your pregnancy.  You will question what you could have done to save them.  You will second guess every decision of yours, your spouse, and your doctor – everyone involved.  You will hate yourself.  You will probably want to die so you can be with them.  I pray that you are a Christian, so that you can avoid suicide.  Otherwise, I don’t see how you could go on living without them.  Satan will use it to take another life – yours.  He will want to take you away from the people that love you – its called a twofer.  You will never forget that moment you first saw your child dead.  It will be laser ingrained in your memory forever.  You will start to think about all the Firsts your child is going to miss, and you will cry for them.  You will cry for all the lost opportunities.  If you have any other children, you will neglect them because you cared so much for the one.  Even though if they had died, you’d be crying for them, you just ignore them.  Sure, you hug them and hold them tight, but they don’t understand, so you go off alone so you can cry without them asking you a hundred questions.  
You will think a thousand times faster and question everyone, especially God.  IT will give you more time to think of all the times you spent with your child and what  you could have done differently.  If you ever see someone who lost a child, hold them, hug them, and cry with them.  Just do that, nothing else.  Listen to them.  They will want to know “Why me?, Why them?”
You’ll never get an answer. If you survive long enough, you might look back on how that tragedy helped you help someone else out with theirs, and maybe, just maybe, then you’ll have part of an answer.  But you will want your child back anyway.  
Just know, God will make it all right someday.  
Yesterday at the doctors office they had health tips playing.  One was on water safety.  I was so grateful they were playing that, I wanted to hug the doctor who decided to play that.  But no one was watching it.  I wanted to call attention to it in the waiting room.  I want to write a book that will help prevent drowning’s.  I want to warn the whole world – watch your kids!  Wear life jackets!  Hold them close and don’t ever miss a chance to hug them.

You will need to talk a lot.  You will want to talk to someone who understands what it is like.  

Monday, December 21, 2015

How to transfer Quickmemo items to quickMemo plus on a new cell phone.

So lets say you get a new 5.0 android phone and your old 4.0 android phone has a lot of memo's on it you want to transfer.  Let me tell you how to transfer Quickmemo items to quickMemo plus on a new cell phone.
On your old phone, go to the Quickmemo app.  Click your menu button and then click on backup. Create a backup file on your SD card.  Then close the app and take out the SD card and put it in your new phone.  On your new phone, use file explorer to copy the file to internal storage.  Then if your new phone has Quickmemo+, click on Import from Internal storage, and you should find backup.rnt in the /storage/emulated/0/Download folder.
Using external storage for this didn't work for me. It said no files found.

There you go, one file and all your old memos show up on your new phone.  Now you can save them to Google Drive and never lose them again.  Progress!!!

How to reliably transfer contacts:

You have to be careful if you have a lot of contacts, it might only transfer some of them at random and not others.  I've found that if you transfer via bluetooth in small batches of 20 or so, it works well.  Just go to Contacts, settings, Transfer Type, and select Send Separately.
Then go to menu, share, via bluetooth, and select the contacts you want to share and send them in a small batch to your new phone.  Then on your new phone, they should pop up on the notification screen and you can click on each file there and it will import that contact into your new phone.

Again, from there, save to Google drive and you will never have to do this again.

Unless Google goes bankrupt?

Tracfones dirty little secrets

I recently upgraded from an LG Optimus 2 to an LG22C and I learned a few things you might like to know.
1.  Tracfone can and does still transfer minutes, days of service, and/or phone numbers from your old tracfone to your new one.  Despite what some other blogs may be saying, it is still possible and not quite too difficult, if you read this blog post.
2.  The trick is to go to the Tracfone Facebook page and start up a chat with someone.  I started mine like this: "High Mark, can you help me transfer the minutes and days of service from my old tracfone to my new one?  But leave 5 days of service and the phone number on the old phone?
And Mark says.... "Yes, I can do that."  Mark had to do the service days thing manually, since he was splitting it up, but it still took all of 7 minutes.  Way to go Mark.  I'm guessing Tracfone hasn't outsourced their Facebook personnel yet.  So get it while you can, YMMV.
3.  Don't call their customer service number, especially after hours.  You would, like me, get someone who thinks all cellphones have sim cards and IMEI numbers.  When in fact, we all know that CDMA phones have no sim cards and most new phones only have MEID numbers (They refer to MEID DEC numbers as serial numbers).
4.  Do have your old and new phone numbers and MEID numbers handy, and give them to the rep after they say they can help you.

Happy Tracfoning!

Monday, September 1, 2014

fISHER PRICE FP3 PLAYER mp3 conversion

Here is how you can convert .fp3 files from mp3 files on a computer.
First, go spend 8 hours with your kids.
Second, download these songs onto your kids fp3 player via windows explorer and then call it quits.

If you really want to continue, then don't say I didn't warn you.  Take that 8 hours with your kids and fugedaboutit.

If its not a windows computer, you will need an emulator.  Mac can dual boot into a windows OS, etc.
It does not have to be a 32 bit windows system, as windows 7 and up can run the Fisher Price Software in compatibility mode.

You can download the Fisher Price software here: 
 You will have to use the serial number that came with your device to install the software.  When you do, if you aren't on a 32 bit machine, the R click on the program in the start menu and click on Properties, then the compatibility tab, and then change the settings for all users - Run in Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode.

Burn all your .mp3's to a cd using Windows media player.  Forget mounting virtual drives, etc. unless you already know how to do it.  Now is not the time.
Open up the FP3 player software and it will automatically find the music cd's you inserted into your computer.  Copy the files to your library. 
Then navigate to: C:\Users\*yourusernamehere*\Music\Fisher-Price\FP3 Player
Copy the .fp3 files from the above folder to the device via usb cable or sd card. Edit the playlist files on the device in Notepad.exe

Remember, playlist.sty is for stories and playlist.sng is for songs.  Skip the numbers of the stories on the song list.  Numbers start at 0000 and at the top is the number of Stories or Songs on the list (depending on which list you are creating).

If your setup is anything like mine (64 bit windows 7), then the software won't work correctly and it won't find your device.  That is OK, it will still convert CD songs to Fp3.  But it will save it in the above FP folder, and you have to go there, drag the songs onto your device through windows explorer.  Also, if you have an SD card inserted as a drive B, then it will not find that either.  Open that in Windows explorer and copy more songs onto it.  Start the filenames on that where you left off on the device.  So if you stopped at 00056, then on drive B, you will have 00057 and on.  Make sure on your song/story playlists you specify which songs are on drive B and which are on A (internal memory).  The only playlists are on drive A, don't put one on B. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

How to really setup a hotmail account on an Android device

This instructions are accurate as of 2014.
1.  Go to hotmail.com and login
2.  CLick on the Sprocket in the Upper Right of the screen.
3.  A menu will drop down, click on options.
4.  Under the heading Managing your account, click Connect devices and apps with POP.


6.  On your android device, click the email app.  If you have the option between Exchange and pop3, then choose PoP3.
7.  Enter your hotmail email address as the username.  
8.  Enter your email password for the password, or if you have 2 step verification, enter your app password.  For instructions: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/app-passwords-two-step-verification
9.  Click Next or connect. 
10.  You are now connected.
11.  Thank me by clicking a link or something.  Or even better, stay faithful to your spouse until death sets in. 

FYI, this is a lot easier on a multi-platform email app such as K9 mail, which as of August 2014 supports gmail, Hotmail and yahoo mail. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

How to beat LOTR Middle earth Defence 320x240 Cell phone game

It seems really hard at first, but once you know these strategies, it becomes really easy.
Rule #1, place barriers in such a way that it will force the attackers to go around your warriors in a circle, or U-shape. Position your warriors, if possible, in an area that will maximize the amount of time they can spend attacking enemies in their sphere of influence. On most levels it is possible to attack on 3 sides.
Rule #2 Start with an Elven archer, upgrade him two times, three if necessary to not let any enemies through. As soon as possible, get the hero archer. This is usually possible on the third level. Place him strategically, preferably as far away from the first archer as possible, but where both of your guys can attack bad guys utilizing their full sphere of influence. Upgrade Legolas as soon as possible until he is maxed out. Then upgrade your elven archer. Most levels, this is all the good guys you will need. If you need more good guys, get a hero or another maxed out archer. Some of the later levels will have these flying dragon things that you can shoot down really easily with an archer. When you get to the later levels, you can get Gandalf. He will take the place of Legolas in your strategy. Also, you can get Arwen – but she only helps on things that are weak to magic.
Rule #3 Barriers – use the barriers sparingly and never destroy one, it’s a waste of barrier. Save up for a Mirror of Gadriel as soon as possible and use that to slow enemies down while they are in the range of your heroes. Most of the earlier levels you should get two mirrors, three on the later levels. If you try a level and some bad guys get through, then redo the level and make some tweaks to your strategy. This is where the FFWD button the upper right of the screen comes in handy. If you let one or two get through in order to save your money up to buy a hero or upgrade a hero, don’t sweat it. As long as you are getting your guys upgraded, its not worth chasing a few bad guys here or there. Don’t waste money on buying guys and not upgrading them. Non-upgraded guys don’t do much damage and aren’t worth it. If you get a good guy, he needs to be fully upgraded. That’s about it – using these strategies you should be able to beat most levels with two or three good guys and only let 7 or 8 bad guys through.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How to Configure ARC through a Vizio Exx0i LED Smart Slim series TV

This is how you make sure the TV will send an ARC signal on HDMI 1 to your sound system. HDMI 1 is the only HDMI port on the TV with aRC - you'll notice the letters ARC below it.  

This instruction is not found in the manual!

Click Menu on the Remote, Go to Settings, CEC settings, Go to CEC function, enable it. Go to System Audio Control, set it to ON.

You also have to set HDMI control to on on your sound system, so check your sound System manual for that.  

Thursday, December 26, 2013

An open letter to the A&E Network management re: Robertson hiatus

An open letter to the A&E Network management.  This letter has also been sent to aefeedback@aenetworks.com
Dear A&E executive staff,
Last week you decided to indefinitely suspend one of your television show stars as punishment for some remarks he made in an interview with an unrelated media outlet.  From what I've been able to gather, this week you have taken a hiatus, as a break to give you time to consider your decision.  While I'm guessing you have already made up your mind on the situation and won't budge, I would like to share with you a similar situation that occured a while back, as something for you to consider. 
About eleven years ago I was a poor college student at Purdue University.  I was also a residence hall counselor, which with it, paid my tuition, room, and board. I was brought in partway through the semester because the previous counselor was fired for something he didn't even do.  You see, he was a black openly gay man and one night he found a cohort of eighteen year old residents and their friends drinking alcohol in their room after curfew, which violated national, state, and local laws and organizational rules.  He was pretty nice to them, and got right in the middle of the whole deal and did his best to deal with the heart of the situation. However, one of the instigators later made sexual abuse allegations against him, which, along with his parents bullying, prompted his dismissal, along with the loss of his tuition, room, and board. 
In that story, which isn't even my main one, find yourself in the shoes of the residence hall staff, and Phil is the gay counselor and the LGBT vocal minorty are the instigator and his parents. 
Although the counselor lost his job, the instigator got away with something he shouldn't have.  But not for long, because later in the schoolyear I busted them all personally, and they didn't dare falsely accuse me.  The residence hall staff just kicked the can down the road, angered their counseling staff and alienated the rest of the residents.  I believe that outcome is given the term "a lose-lose-lose situation". 
 But hey, they shouldn't have hired a gay counselor to live with young boys anyway, so his loss is my gain, right?  So as a poor college student and enterprising young fellow, I was always looking for a way to make some extra money.  I collected the abandoned bicycle remains on campus and refurbished them into fully functioning bicycles that I would then sell to students.  One day while I was working on the bikes, the jealous roommate of my future wife saw the perfect opportunity to strike, so he called the campus police, who promptly came and ordered me to give them all the bicycles and accused me of stealing property.  Maybe they felt they had a right to property abandoned on campus, but if I had taken all the litter on campus and constructed an art sculpture, would they have reacted the same?  No, only if I sold it for a huge chunk of money.  They were motivated by greed.  The dean of the university then put me on probation and I lost my job as a counselor. 
The residence hall lost their Best Counselor of the semester, and someone who could best deal with the brats on the 8th floor.
The university lost all hope of ever getting any future donations from me, tuition from any of my many children, or support from me in their alumni associations or the ability to identify themselves with my future success.  I ended up attending another college for my masters degree and with always associate myself with this fine institution instead of Purdue because, although I have forgiven them for their harshness toward a poor college student, it is my perrogative as to what to do with my future loyalty.  I chose not to reward an instituion which punishes someone for cleaning up litter on their campus and upcycling it for a profit.  I don't reward stupidity, greed, and malice, which were all present in the way I was treated by everyone involved. 

 Now, find yourself in this story.  It was malicious of you to suspend Phil Robertson, and as to greed or stupidity, the coming week will only tell.  If greed be your motivation, then you will apologize to Phil and reinstate him as a full cast member, and go on to make hundreds of millions of dollars with all this free publicity. 
However, if stupidity rules the roost of A&E, then you won't apologize to Phil and every Duck Dynasty employee will be fired, you will lose your top show, millions of viewers, and on top of that, hundreds of millions of people across the world will, like me, chose not to reward stupidity.  So it doesn't bode well for your future network ratings. 
By the way, if you are hoping for Phil to apologize so you can save face, then I hate to break it to you, but that ain't gonna happen.  Everything he said was true, correct, and moral, so its not him that needs to apologize.  Something to the effect of "A&E Networks apologizes for placing Phil Robertson on hiatus.  We did not mean to demean him for exercising his right to free speech and we would like to continue using our network to bring you the latest and best in authentic programming" ought to do the trick.  

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