Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gutted. How I feel. Now - how to fix this government?

Thats how I feel today.  Thanks to the supreme court rulings striking down the DOMA and the nonaction to uphold proposition 8.  It seems that everyone in America is happy about this.  It seems, if you read the liberal media, that there is dancing in the street.
But in reality, far more people, God, and the angels are not so smug.  They are sad.  I am sad.  Why?  Because our country forgot how this country's politic's should work.
It should be that the federal government doesn't make laws that overlap the rights which are assigned to the states.  It should be that the federal government doesn't discriminate against people, or use laws to influence people's behavior.  It should be that the federal government acts only as a leader to promote goodness of all its citizens, fairness between its states, and security within it's borders.  Instead it is promoting certain kinds of behavior, pitting one state against another, and undermining the security of the whole country in the process.
Its not the fact that president's father was not an American citizen, and thus he is not eligible to be president.  It is the fact that Obama doesn't understand the origin of goodness and morality, and is really good at pushing his agenda upon this country I inhabit.
Is there any way to put this genie back in the bottle?
If only states were allowed to decide their own laws regarding marriage.  Also, states and the federal government shouldn't be influencing people's behaviors based on what they think is good.  It should be based upon laws, which are all rooted in the Bible.  So governments should tax people different if they are black, white, earn a lot of money, are gay, live in a certain area, etc.  
As far as taxing people based upon the resources they use, this should just be a charge, like anything else.  Like if you use the water, you have to pay for it.  But if you own the land on which God makes the water fall, then hey, that is already yours, no pay.  Pollution is a tough one.  But if you pollute, it should be treated like any other crime.  Of course, be reasonable.  Its reasonable to drive a car or use a lawnmower.  Its unreasonable to pour oil into a river or ocean on purpose.   And yes, that means at the oil spill accidents shouldn't be charged to the oil rig operators.  Now if they acted stupidly and didn't maintain their equipment properly, then yeah, go ahead and fine them.  But if its just an accident, then move on.   Tax code should be based on something nondiscriminatory.  Like sales.  What does the government sell us?  We should pay for that, and then that should be used to pay for the government.  That's the beginning and end of tax.  each and every person over 18, who is therefore due to their age able to defend our country, should pay for the government it chooses to defend.  States should send out bills for its employee's and their costs, and likewise the federal government.  It should be split equally among the people.  
If Texas has 1 billion dollars in government expenses, and 100 million people in the state, then each person has to fork over ten bucks, period.  Likewise, if the federal government costs 1 trillion dollars a year to run, it should send out a $2,857 bill to every person over 18.  If you can't pay it, then you work it off at an army base or by doing government work like picking up litter along a federal highway.  Everyone can contribute their share.  
Q: Will this make government smaller?  
A:YES it can!  And it will make people not ABLE to spend other peoples money.  That is the best part.  Stupid freeloaders in this country want me to pay their bills.  I say enough is enough.  
Now that is a flat tax.  And it has the added benefit of the government not telling people how to act.  And why not tie people's money directly to the jobs of the government employee's they are in actuality supporting?  Just have a big website, where every american can sign in at any time during the year to pay their bill for the year.  You put in your $2,857 via paypal or whatever, and there is a list of employee's.  You can choose where your money goes.  When that employee's salary is topped off, they come off the list.  You can also put government costs on the list.  Want to pay for the building the people work in?  OK, you can do that too.  If the building doesn't get enough "votes of dollars", then they have to find another place to rent.  
There you go, you've now tied down the problem of congress being able to pass a budget.  
Q: So what  happens if you get to the end of the list and you don't find anything you feel like supporting? 
A:OH, you still have to pay $2,857 this year, but that goes into the general fund for budget reduction for the coming year.  So the tax bill for the government for next year = the tax bill for the prior year - Whatever amount that "general fund for budget reduction for the coming year" reached.  However, the spending isn't actually reduced during year 1, but year two.  For instance, year 1, the baseline tax bill is 3.5 Trillion dollars.  American's choose to only pay 3 trillion dollars of that.  So year 1, the tax revenue is 3.5 trillion dollars.  The expenses are 3.5 trillion dollars.  Year two, the tax bill is now 3 trillion dollars.  American's choose to only pay 2.5 trillion dollars of that.  So they pay 3 trillion in year 2, but in year three, they only have to pay 2.5 trillion.  
Q:  How are increases in government handled?   A:ON the list of options to put your tax bill toward, there are also things that government employees put in that are not yet funded.  For instance you might see:  Attorney general shoe shiner, Presidential dog groomer, while house paint job, etc. If it gets the funding, it can be hired, or paid for the next year.  
Q: How do you keep the politicians from abusing the system?  How do you keep them from getting someone to fund their pet projects and jobs, while the rest of us have to pay for the mundane little things that we might not care for, but that our society needs?
Answer:  If our society values it, it will fund it.  If it turns out that no one in America cares if congress has a house of congress, then the darn thing gets sold to the highest bidder.  And If politicians try to game the system, and make sure they are funded before the other necessities, then American's will not find anything they want to fund, and so that will go to the "general fund for budget reduction for the coming year", and next year there will be an even smaller pie.  So they can cut off their nose to spite their face - go right ahead!

This idea is sounding better and better every minute!

Q: What about people who can't afford the bill?  The lame, the destitute, the blind, etc?
A:  Everyone can contribute something.  Even an old woman can volunteer at the county courthouse telling schoolkids about the history of their government.  They will get a debit card with tax credits on it, which they need to spend on the government tax bill by the end of the year, or they go to jail.  There will be a little leniency, say if you are a week late paying.  Or you are just a few bucks short, and can make it up the coming year.  There will be real people to handle these on a case by case basis. 
Q:  What if you're demented, or have Alzheimers or something? You can't do anything?  
A:  Well, someone will be willing to step up and pay your bill.  IF you have absolutely no one in your life who  gives a crap enough about you to keep you out of federal prison, and you can't even make $2,500 a year, then you'll be better off in the prison anyway.  This is the best part, it will actually encourage people to be part of a church!  Oh, and other people can volunteer for government and give you the tax credits they earn, which must be redeemed that year.  

The second best part:  Right now 40% roughly of our tax revenues go to pay for people who don't work.  In this new system, who is going to want their tax money to pay for that?  I'm certainly not going to put $500 towards a federal insurance program that pays people when they get fired.  If you got fired, you probably deserved it.  IF not, you'll get a new job!  Each dollar of your tax bill becomes a vote.  People get real interested in where we put our tax dollars.  Government waste is drastically reduced.  Voting is eliminated (replaced with this process, actually).  Americans will have more time to be productive, instead of spending time voting and filling out tax forms.  Holy cow, I think I just save us $1T dollars in tax expenses!
Q:  How do we get in new politicians?  How do we get rid of old ones?
A:  Term limits still apply.  And if someone or something doesn't get their funding in year one, they find a new job in year two.   And there is a rule against you or your family putting your tax credits toward your government job.  Now if in year 1, politician A doesn't get his funding, then in year two we would need a new politician to do his job starting day 1 of year two.  So that means that in year one, politician B would have to have been running against politician A, just in case he didn't get his funding.  Politician B would also have to get IOU's in year one - promises to pay for his job in year two.  The IOU's would be auto deducted from contributors accounts in day 1 of year 2.  Politician B would have to have gotten 130% of his salary IOU'ed to him in year 1 to be eligible for office in year two.  That way if, for death or whatever reason, the taxpayer IOU is unable to be deducted, there is a buffer there to make up the difference.  He also has the option of working for less than 100% of his salary.  This has an added bonus - politicians will get cheaper!  There is a max salary limit, but no minimum one!  So if a politician is in year two of a six year term, and everyone hates him, and he only gets $1 that year, but decides to keep working in that job anyway, then the next year his salary max is set at $1.  So for all the remaining years of his term, his max salary is reduced down to $1.  He can always quit though, and there will be a backup person in place.  
Q:  There will be more than one backup person in place - because anyone can submit their name for any office.  How does one backup person get chosen over another?  
A:  In year one, people in Politician B's jurisdiction will also have the option to cast a vote of confidence in that politician.  He who has the majority of votes and full funding wins.  In case of a tie, there is a runoff election the first week of the following year.  
Q:  Who runs the website?
A:  People vote on that too.  It will be a board of governors, and their staff.  Each of the 9 governors has equal say in the site and how it is run. 
Q: How will people have enough time to research for whom they should vote?  What about political contributions and funding? 
A:  Every name on the list will get a hyperlink to a webpage on the Site.  Each job description has a blank that the politician himself has to fill in.  In the case of goods, then the politician or government employee in charge of the goods request has to fill out the blank form.  They are character length limited, so everyone is on equal footing.  This will completely eliminate corporate political funding and political ads.  They will be made completely illegal, as everything you need to know will be on the Site.  
Q: What about people who don't want to vote?  
A:  You will pay taxes and you will vote.  Its so easy, if you want, you can just pick someone at random and fully fund them.  You don't have to think about it, just take a minute and do it.  We all know we should pay taxes and vote anyway, so lets put our money where our mouth is.  

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