Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I feel sorry for atheists

It must be hard proselytizing people to become atheists.  Case in point,  I looked up some information about the FFRF, and it was pretty sad.  They had a list of all their court cases going back to 1979.  There were 4 pages in the list - and the first page was all their cases until 2008.  The rest of the three pages was since 2008.  Coincidence?  Well, 2008 marks the dawn of a new era for FFRF.  Their donors suddenly started pouring in funds and political clout was suddenly added.
But still, its such a small entity.  Less than $300,000 budget.  It must be a hard sell.  I can just picture it now
A: Hey, I'd like to share something with you that will change your life forever.
B:  OK, what is it?
A: There is no God.
B:  Great to know.  So that Sense of purpose and meaning in my life which I can't seem to shake is what?
A:  It's just a biological reaction.  Just try to ignore it like I do.
B: OK, anything else?
A:  Well, this also means that your religion is pointless. So you can be free from it.
B:  Gee, thanks for setting me free.  So you mean all those people in my church who love me, share in my joys and pain are all deluded?  Should I stop associating with them?
A:  Well, you don't have too, but I personally wouldn't want them influencing me with their lies.
B: So to whom will I turn to meet all my earthly needs?
A:  Well, I hang around a group of other atheists, why don't you join us, we'll take care of you.
B:  Why would you do that?
A:  We're nice.
B:  What if you change your mind one day and decide not to be?  I have bills I need help paying and I can't be dependent upon your feelings of niceness.
A: OK, well I promise then.  Aren't you excited about your new found freedom from religion?
B: I'm not feeling it yet.  So what do you guys do for hope, meaning and purpose in your life?
A:  Well, this life is all there is, so live for the minute, because once you die, that's it.
B:  OK, I'll do just that.  I think I'll go to Vegas and having some fun.  So give me all your money you have on you so I can do that.
A:  No, I don't want to.
B:  So what's to keep me from shooting you with this gun I have and taking your money and going to Vegas?
A:  You'll get caught and go to jail.
B:  Actually, I'm pretty smart, and I can do it in such a way I won't get caught.
A:  Well, its wrong.
B:  Say's who?
A:  Society in general.  We all think its wrong.  All I have is this life and if you take it away from me before my time, then its not fair.
B:  What do I care?  If everyone was equal in life, then I'd not be able to enjoy my time on earth as much. I'd be just as poor as the next guy.  So for me to enjoy myself, I'll just take your wealth.
A:  But that is illegal.
B:  Yeah, but I won't get caught.
A:  You'll regret it.
B:  Remember earlier when you told me to just ignore that send of purpose and meaning in my life that is bigger than myself?
A:  Yes, but...
B:  Well, if I can do that, then I can certainly ignore my sense of regret over killing you, especially since its going to make me wealthier.
A:  I liked you better when you were a believer.
B:  I liked you better before you took away my purpose for living for something besides myself.  Now my life is a meaningless wandering through time punctuated by non-existence.
A:  But you owe me, I'm the one who set you free!
B:  Yes, free indeed.  Bang!  Bang!  Bang! Wohoo!  Vegas Baby!

And thus Atheism ends just as soon as it is conceived in the heart of one man.
So yeah, I marvel at how atheism has managed to perpetuate itself, and even grow larger and larger.  If someone came up to me, and said that they wanted to free me and take away my sense of purpose, meaning  and hope that this life is not all there is, I'd tell them I'm just fine where I am.

So it must be a hard sell.  Of course you wouldn't tell them that up front.  But as you can see, even a handful of perfunctory questions could quickly expose the truth behind what they are peddling.  Certainly, you wouldn't want to approach someone who is actually a free thinker.  You'd only be able to pull that one over on someone who blindly follows and doesn't ask questions.  Otherwise they'd figure out its a raw deal and wouldn't sign on.

I'm not surprised by the fact that only 2% of America is atheist.   It must be hard to get people excited about sharing the bad news.  Sure, you see a few people at demonstrations.  But who really wants to devote their life, time, and money to a blank piece of paper?  We believe in....Well, lets just say its opposite of everybody else.  In the world.
While I can see the benefit in taking the opposite point of view, and not just going along with the crowd, this isn't that.  "That" is something you abandon when it doesn't pan out.  According to their own logic, atheists should all be dead.  If they weren't out killing people, they'd be in jail for doing so, or they'd have been killed themselves by someone protecting their God-given right to life.  And it is God-given, because it is only God who can begin life.  Just try sometime to assemble your own organism and then cause it to come to life.
You can't, no matter how much matter or tools you have.  God can.  He can even do it blindfolded, hands tied behind His back, with no matter OR tools.

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