Saturday, October 20, 2012

Why Everyone Should Vote for Christians

A government is basically a group of people who have allowed themselves to be told what to do by a small subset of their population.
The reason they would do this is only so these people would look out for the best interests of everyone. In return for their service in this matter, everyone throws in a percentage of the money they make while they move on with their lives and don't have to worry about certain things - because the government is taking care of them for them.
So its basically a contract to manage politics.
Of course the friction comes into play as this: who is getting cheated on the deal?
Is the larger group of people getting their money's worth? Are the workers they are paying earning their keep? Or are they looking out for their own best interests.
There are plenty of opportunities for the rulers to abuse their power, however since they are rulers, there is little to no opportunity for the populace to abuse their rulers and eke out more value from their rulers.
After all, if you are the ruler, who is going to tell you that you aren't earning your keep? Well, that is what voting is for. The problem we have now in the united states is that most all the rulers are looking out for their own interests, and they have devised a way to perpetuate this criminal conspiracy, even through election cycles. They have been able to galvanize the populace into thinking that there are only two groups, or parties, to choose from, and each party is equally diligent about conspiring to rob the people.
They have taken away all opportunity to replace the majority of corrupt politicians with people who are willing and able to better tend to the economic needs of the populace over their own needs.
The problem is that a government needs to be good. The bible tells us that there is only one who is good, and that is God the Father. However, we also know that Jesus was good, because He never sinned. Therefore the Trinity is the source of all goodness in the universe. Adam and Eve were good, until they sinned. Thus they were made in the image of God - being good.
The only hope we have of people ever again getting close to at least acting good is if it comes from the Trinity. And it is the goal of the Trinity to rehabilitate sinful people into the image of Christ, who was good. It accomplishes this by giving the power for sinful people to do good and be good, if they are willing to allow the Holy Spirit to be their leader and have His way in their hearts.
Thus the only hope we ever have of getting a fair shake is to have a good government, and a good government can only come from good politicians, who can only be good if they are led by the Trinity.
Non-Christians at this point might argue that people can be good without receiving power from the Trinity, however the Bible, which is the summary of the source of all truth, states that even good things, done with the wrong motive, are sinful.
While it is possible for a politician to act in the best interest of others rather than himself without the power of the Trinity doing it through him, keep in mind that it is not in his nature to do so, and even if he does, it is likely still sinful. How long can you expect a person to act in a manner that is inconsistent with their true nature? 8 years? 4 years? 2 years? I say once, maybe twice. Other than that, you are on borrowed goodness.
So what we are looking for in a politician is stamina - they must be able to, for years and decades on end, act in a manner contrary to their true nature. This is only possible if a person accepts the Holy Spirit empowering them, constantly, to do this. This is what we mean when we say a "True Christian". We mean someone who is saved, yes, but more importantly they act as a living sacrifice, a vessel through which the goodness of God can interact with the world around them.
All the truly great presidents, kings, and rulers have one thing in common, they were "true Christians". They were conduits through which Gods goodness helped the masses. Even King David of Israel, a devout Jew, was a "true Christian" in this regard.
George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Regan were also. None were perfect, but who would expect them to be? After all, they were still mortal men, not Jesus Christ. One day Jesus Christ himself will reign. It will be the perfect government - an absolute dictatorship. And I for one, can't wait to live in one! At least, one that is governed by someone whose true nature is Goodness.
So when you are deciding whom to vote for, its simple. Look to Christ, and then find the best candidate who matches him. In what way, you ask? Well, specifically I am thinking of how Christ can, for centuries on end, forever, act in the best interest of others, to his own detriment.   
The next best thing would be an imitator of Christ, which is what "little Christ's" or Christians are supposed to be, and what a True Christian is. 
For what its worth, if you agree with this article but have doubts about who to vote for in the 2012 presidential election, then I highly recommend looking at all the candidates in your state and finding the one who best represents this viewpoint.  I for one, will be voting for Andre Barnett.

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