Tuesday, October 23, 2012

how to revamp and reenergize the American voting process‏

Two words for you: Reality TV.
American Candidate tv show photo   Its a shame that we care more about who to vote off an island than who to vote in as our real leader. However, there are a few changes we the People could make that would rightly align our priorities and actions.
1. Level the playing field. Do not let candidates accept donations. Instead, once they get on the ballot, give them a small amount of funds to do their campaign, and track how the funds are spent and then recoup whatever is unspent. Debit cards would be nice. The hard part will be closing the loopholes, but the next one will help with that. Also, a non partisan group of volunteers managers their websites, and they can have no other official sites for their campaign.
2. Make it easy for us to get to know the real candidate. After all, if they are going to get all up in our business, we ought to get up in theirs. Put them on a Big-brother type show for a couple weeks (depending on the size of the voter base, more voters = more time on the show) and lets see what they are really made of. Lets give them challenges and see how they perform and react. You'll find out real quick who's the fake. For checks and balances, a representative from each team needs to be on a multi-partisan editing committee so that the show editor doesn't take people's words and actions out of context.
At the end of the show, you vote for the winner.

Thats about it really. Simple. Effective. That's why they'll never let it happen!

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