Friday, September 28, 2012

Leader in Cult Becomes Leader of America

This is likely to be the headline should Mitt Romney win the office of the presidency of the United States on Novemer 8, 2012.  We are at quite a desperate state here in this last best hope for mankind, this country which I love.  The two most likely candidates are farther from Christianity than any two presidential candidates that have run. 

And at this critical juncture, do we sound the alarm?  Protest?   Speak out on talk radio?  Do we push forth a third candidate with more intensity than the other two unqualified individuals?  No.  Ross Perot had a better chance than any Christian candidate in 2012, and he only had money going for him.  Do evangelicals unite and at least get their members to vote for a Christian candidate?  Nope, they are dead in the water.  Instead, they actually recommend voting for a cult member?  Pastors are actually telling people that it is better to have an idiot in the White House than to have a wicked person. (Romney must be an idiot if he acutally believes in Mormonism.  I’ve studied that religion, and it is so silly, its hard to believe there are grown men who are betting their eternal souls on its truth. 

What’s next for America?  We went from Intelligent Christians to Misguided Christians to Idiotic Christians to Evil non-christians, to Evil Intelligent men, and now to Idiotic Non-Christians.   We skipped misguided non-Christians.  Maybe that is what is up next!

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