Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kirby Omega 1cB Manual free download

I recently purchased a Kirby Omega 1CB parts kit for the free vacuum I recieved. In it was a manual for the Kirby Omega tradition series, 1CB.  My particular vacuum has a different emptor (like no emptor) but the manual is pretty close.  I've scanned in the manual because I could not find it on the internet!  So here is another MyE-life exclusive:  Download the Kirby Omega 1CB manual here in .pdf format (43 MB). 
The last page is kind of messed up, so if you are like me and just wanted to know what kind of bags to get, then get the Eureka Style F&G, like this:

Kirby Omega 1CB with Eureka bag attached but out of bag holder.  The good thing about using the Eureka bags is that they are cheaper than the Kirby bags.  They don't have a way to attach them at the top of th cloth bag, but its not really an issue. 
My Kirby from the side so you can see it doesn't have an emptor on it.  I'm not sure why, all the other 1CB's I've seen have the emptor unit.  Maybe someone modified this one. 


Steve Walton said...

Hi Paul, Thanks for putting up a scan of this old manual. I also just got a Kirby Omega and am rehabbing it so I'm very glad to find the manual. Problem is that it is in .XPS file format which is a format that is notoriously difficult to open on a Mac. I wonder if you could export it as a PDF? Size is no problem, but the Adobe file format would be very helpful.
(Also, you might consider donating it to ). Thanks and happy new year!

Paul Ulrich said...

The new version of Nitro PDF finally works on my computer, so here you go! I updated the link.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul! It downloads and is readable on the Mac now. I have just got the replacement speed selector switch, so with any luck I'll have a functioning Kirby Omega tomorrow! (And I want the attachments!) --Steve

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