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Brick Repair - Brick Magic Review DFW Texas

When I purchased my current home about a year ago, there were some unsightly cracks in the bricks that I was worried about.  It turns out, its not that big of a deal.  Some guys said I should just fill them in with caulk or crack repair.  They were right, that would have worked just fine for a five-year fix.  But it wouldn't have looked good, and then when I went to sell the house, it would probably put off the next owner.  So I got an estimate from a company I found online, and tried to use that in the house negotiations. 
It worked a little bit, but I didn't have enough money then, so I saved up (I know, crazy, huh?) Then when I had enough money, I called the guy back up. 
So this is where the story gets ugly.  I called Brick Magic ('cause bricks are ugly) but what is even uglier is the quality of the work.  So, rather than stating my opinion, I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves. 

Here is a link of a .pdf of all the before and after pictures of the column (Opens in new window).
 If you can't open a .pdf for some reason (may God help you) or maybe you're just too lazy, then I've put some of the pictures here:

In all fairness, there were three major places on the house that needed fixing.  The flat walls, they did a pretty good rob job on, but this column must have been just too much for Travis Nech's crew.  Frankly, a drunk person could have done a better job, but my wife say's they seemed straight.  Perhaps they were just in a hurry, because as soon as we stopped supervising them, they started goofing off and got sloppy and finished the job an hour before they should have by all estimate.  Looks like they cut corners.  And then the corners sagged.  And then big gaps developed between the bricks and the mortar.  And then the edges weren't straight. 
I did some research, and there aren't many stone masons online - I guess its just not the electronical crowd.  Frankly, I wish I had gone with someone who'd knew bricks really well, and not computers.  Travis Nech, the owner of Brick Magic, has a Web Developing business on the side, which on his Facebook page he said he'd like to make his full time job.  Well, I sure hope he does that better than the other 15 businesses he runs.  He owns a quarry, a foundation leveling business, and his masonry business is listed to 10 different addresses.
Landmark Stone Supply Inc - Crowley, TX 76036
Npg Holdings, LLC
Why 10 different addresses for the same company?
My guess would be that Brick Magic is trying to avoid people like me calling them out.  After all, if anyone these days saw examples of their work, like above, then who would call them? 

Prices:  Their prices are high, for the quality.  They charged me 300 for mortar color matching, which was 150 more than another reputable masonry company.  Also, they just make up the prices.  And they try pressure sales tactics by giving you a discount for "Today only".  In fact, I was told they could start on Friday, and they said they would, and then they did not.  They said that they had forgotten to do the back half of another house, and so they left to go finish that job up. 
I'm guessing that customer was not too happy either....

Well, at least they came back to finish up the job.  My house still looks like crap 6 months later.  I've emailed Travis 15 times.  Funny how before he did the job, he was all prompt about answering the emails and now he does not.  I called him and he pretented like it may have gotten caught in his spam filter, and he promised to look.  So I emailed him at another email address and from multiple addresses. 
Na'er a reply.  I called him last Thursday, August 16th, and left a message.  He called me back, which was surprising.  He promised to come out Friday, or Saturday, or both.  He was too hard to pin down, I guess because he just wanted to sell me rocks and what not, rather than acutally have the best quality in the masonry business.  I find it offensive that he can make that many outrageous claims and lies on his various Youtube posts and websites.  I think that when I lodge my BBB complaint, I'll do it not only for poor service, but for deceptive advertising as well. 

I wish I'd had just done it myself - at least my house wouldn't look like a funhouse when I was done.  I'm not even a mason, but I can set a brick straight and in line with the others.
Update:  Its February 2013 and I've seen neither hair nor hide of Travis.  He didn't follow through with any of his promises and the mortar gaps are still way too wide and the bricks are crooked.  At least the joints are holding up so far, but my house does not move much. 

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