Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Free Cars for life!

Imagine this: One day you got a car from a company – for free. They showed up in your driveway with a brand new car and handed you over the keys and insurance cards. They would pay for all expenses, repairs, gas, and everything. All you had to do was represent that company well to the public. The company logo would be on your car. When you drive places, people might see it and ask about the company and you simply had to tell them some facts about it with a smile and wish them well and be off. But that would be a small price to pay for a free car, car insurance, car maintenance and gas, wouldn’t it?

Well, I have in fact, found such a company! Read on and I’ll tell you how to get in on it on the inside track – I know the CEO of this company and I can get you in on it if you want.

Now, if you were chosen for this privilege, you might go so far as to obey all the traffic control laws such as speed limits, yield signs, and even lane signaling, right? Perhaps you’d feel so grateful that you’d even let people get in the lane in front of you. The company doesn’t ask it of you, but you’d probably feel so grateful for the new car that you’d even make sure not to cut people off or tailgate them. After all, if you drive like a jerk to other people, you might offend them and make them hate the company you represent. And if you were a bad representative, you’d start costing the company business. Perhaps they might even catch you being a bad driver and take away your car! Or maybe they’d lose so much business their free car program would have to stop, and then you’d still be without wheels.

If I get you in on this deal, you have to be sure to represent this company well. Not everyone will qualify. I know some of you have really poor attitudes when it comes to driving, so I don’t think you’ll be chosen if you continue to drive like a jerk.

But if you can handle it, and won’t be a jerk, then give me a call and I’ll hook you up. Just call 1800-633-3446. But wait! There’s more. Its not confirmed yet, but if you get chosen for this, not only will you get a free car to drive, but you’ll also get a free house or apartment to live in! Now, I know the economy is kind of tight, so there is no guarantee it’ll be a brand new house (or car for that matter). But it will be a place to live, for you and your whole family. In fact, this company is so kind that they will also provide clothes for your family. You even get to pick them out yourself! And I’ve heard that if you want, they will provide food. Not restaurant meals, but food from the grocery store. And if they ask you what kind of food you usually buy, be sure to list healthy type natural foods, because they don’t people who buy a bunch of junk food. They want people who represent them to be seen eating well and taking care of their possessions.

I know, I know, this sounds too good to be true. But, I can get anybody in, as long as they are willing to make a few sacrifices on how they like to think they have the right to live. So, give me a call today at that number above. In case its hard to remember, here it is in words – 1-800-Need-Him.

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