Monday, January 30, 2012

Christian Bully Fighters Assosciation

Bully Fighting 101 Curriculum and Teacher introduction

Hello, my name is Paul Ulrich and I am glad you are interested in teaching students how to fight Bullies.  I have developed a free curriculum that you can use at home or in the class room to properly train young people in the art of fighting bullies.  I base it on the most authoritative book ever produced - the Bible.  I also include modern and local research with regards to legal statues and wrap it up in one easy to use package that you can teach to any age student who is interested in joining the Christian Bully Fighters Association. 

Bullying: Problem: He perceives him and his sister being bullied when they are not.

Solution: Teach him to come get us and let us know when there is a bullying situation. You can couch it as though – he shouldn’t have to worry about bullies, when we are around, let us take care of it so you can concentrate on having fun.

When he comes to get you, then explain to him the situation. Either it is a bullying situation, or it isn’t. Also explain to him the rights that other people have, and how he needs to respect them, not encroach on them.
As his parent, I tell him that in order to fight bullies, he first has to pass Bully Fighting 101. You go to the class, take notes, and then write a report after the class – or take a test. There are two sessions.  After you pass with a grade of 70% or higher, you will graduate. 

How To begin:
You can start any way you want.  I chose to start with a formal letter:

Dear Ezekiel:

I love that you want to fight bullies and I want to help you be a good bully fighter. I think this desire in your heart to fight injustice is given to you by God, and it is a good thing. Did you know that your grandfather was a professional bully-fighter? First as a police officer and then as a federal DEA agent. Its in your blood! I wanted to be a police officer too, and God has also put in my heart that I should protect innocent people. I think I would be fighting bullies for a living if I had had a bully fighting class from my dad when I was your age. So I am offering this to you. Upon graduation, you will receive:

Awards upon completion:

Official Christian Bully Fighter ID badge with 4 detachable corners, name, expiration date, and logo, and motto

Official Christian Bully Fighter class certificate of graduation.

You will be required to keep your certification up to date with periodical training. However, this will ensure you are the best Christian Bully Fighter Ever. Additionally, I am proud to say that you will be the first graduating member of the Christian Bully Fighters Association, which would be quite an achievement.

Much Love,

Paul B. Ulrich
My eight year old son was very happy to recieve this letter and hugged me.  I count this as quite an achievement as we were beginning to get on each others nerves, with him doing things to fight bullies that was wrong and me getting mad at him for that.  Also, I had taken away all his bully fighting paraphenalia and told him he couldn't have it back until he passed the class.  He was not happy about that, but I let it go for about a week.  once I wrote the curriculum, I presented him with this letter and we proceeded to work on session I for a good two hours straight!  he couldn't get enough of this stuff.  It really speaks to the heart of who he is.  Most boys, you'll agree, have been given a heart of protecting the innocent.  It is up to you, Fathers, to encourage that heart and channel it properly so that your son doesn't become a bully.  Remember, there is a fine line between bully fighting and vigilantism (becoming a bully yourself). 
Lets Start!
I'm making the curriculum available to you for free, along with a certificate and business card.  MS Word and Powerpoint formats. 

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