Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bye Bye BSA - Hello Onmyhonor.net

I've been involved with the Boy Scouts of America since 1986.  Their stance on the importance of faith has always been confusing for me.  It was like they talked about God and faith and religion, but didn't really mean it. I am finally starting to understand why that is.  It is by their own design. 
When the BSA was founded, a decision was made to keep the organization secular.  In so doing, it lashed itself to the mast of society, rather than the timeless principles of any one religion.  In that day and age, it was understood that Christianity was the Religion in their program, and when they spoke of faith, it was faith in Jesus Christ.  Back then, you didn't have to specify to which God you pledge your allegiance, there was one God.  To worship anyone else was unimaginable.  However, by not forming as a faith based organization, and yet all the while incorporating faith based principles and words and concepts and badges, a schism began to form.  In the beginning, Boy Scouts spread Christianity to new countries and new people.  Eventually that stopped, and now the trend has reversed.  Boy Scouts has been extracting the faith of Christ from people and replaced it with a generic sense of "faith".  Thus, it has lived up to the designs of its creators, and followed the norms of society.  And just as surely, it has confounded my trust in it to the point that I can now cast it off as I turn to fully embrace a scouting organization that is based solidly upon the timeless principles of the one true religion, the faith in the God of Universe, and his Son Jesus Christ.  It is into Faith Based Boys that I will now be able to fully pour my services, and my son will also.  No longer confused, we can form true and lasting friendships, based on ultimate truths that will not change with societal moires. 

BSA gives good lip service to values, being morally straight, God, and faith.  Yet it has failed to define what these things mean in an unchangeable manner.  Today for the BSA, they don't mean what they did in 1900.  I can't pour my resources into an organization that can't make a firm decision on this issue, which is of utmost importance.  I am sure that for the vast majority of people in the BSA, this isn't a problem.  But it is for me, and it always has been, ever since 1986.  I just wish I had realized it sooner.  There was a reason I dropped out of Boy Scouts when I was a tenderfoot, and a reason I never purchased a BSA uniform as an adult volunteer and a reason  I never donated money to the BSA.  Now I know why it never felt right in my spirit, and why God disallowed me from having peace in the BSA.  I am so much looking forward to finding that place of peace in the organization that Onmyhonor.net will create!  Now I can glorify my risen Savior in all I do, truly!

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