Thursday, January 24, 2013

AT&T dsl modem settings

Yesterday I got a TPlink W8968 router/modem combo to replace my old Speedstream 4100 that bit the dust after 8 years.  It wouldn't work!  I tried the setup disk, and then the web page quick setup, and then I called AT&T.  Since I knew what I was talking about, the rep was more than happy to stay on the line until I got it working, but I let him go after 30 minutes becuase it just would not work.  but he did give me the following settings:

VCI: 35
VPI: 0   This depends on your state.  Western is 8, some eastern states are 0

Some other settings you'll need to know are:

Line Status:DSL Connected
DSL Modulation Type:ADSL_G.dmt
Annex Type:Annex A
Enable Bit Swap
 Enable SRA

So after I checked all that and found all that out, guess what the problem was?  I was using the wrong power cable.  I was using the one from the old modem, which was 5 V as 3.2A and the one that came with the TPlink was 12V 1 A!

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