Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How to Curse your Kids

One thing I'd like to remember 7 years from now when my first one goes off to college, and I'd like to share with other parents:

You can bless/curse your kids. Yes, the same way Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham did. You see, what you pronounce over them has power. It comes true because what proceeds from one's mouth is eternal, what you say can once said, never be taken back. Also what you do. What you do and say are written on an eternal timeline and have great implications in the spiritual realm. Witches and warlocks are not the only ones who can say things and have the spiritual realm react in certain ways. You can too! Also, it happens whether you like it or not.

How to curse your kids:

First, you may be wondering, why in the world would I want to curse my kids? Every child has in them the potential to be an enemy of God. However, if you curse them in their pursuit of this, then at least they'll have a tough go at it. I think many of the worlds ills could be cured if parents would care enough about their kids to curse them in the walk toward/with Satan. Instead, we focus on blessing the socks off of them. Well, thats great and all, but haven't you noticed the rules about blessings and curses? Thats right, they are tied to the person's actions. God didn't go around blessing the Israelites willy nilly with prosperity, no instead He made it contingent on them doing His will , which is the definiton of good. Then He turns around and curses the socks off them should they ever do evil (not His will).

Any good father would do this. And you fathers and mothers can do it too. Here's how to curse your children in their pursuits against God:

1. Pray over them, for them, and preferably with them. Say something like this: "As Billy goes out into this new endeavor, which is a noble pursuit, God I pray that you and your Spirit will be like fire in His bones, burning with truth to get out and tell others your truth. And when Billy gives into the temptations that Satan is about to put in front of Billy, then I pray that you will make Billy's life miserable as along as he is sinning. I pray that he will be completely unable to enjoy any of the sins he commits. I pray that as he sins, if he should endeavor to irk the God most High, that your angels will remove all prosperity from Billy and make him destitute, broken, and discouraged so that he may see the errors of his sinning ways and repent from them. I thank you for always standing by ready to receive my beloved son back when he is ready to apologize to you. Amen

This is really good stuff! 5 minutes that can forever change your child's life. Why not start today?

Sound off, what are some of your favorite curses for your kids and loved ones?

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