Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A post about NOTHING

This is a post about nothing. I just wanted to write a post because it had been a while. Overall, I'm not impressed by the internet. Yahoo answers is just not what it should be - too many stupid answers. The goal of my blog here (to write useful information that exists nowhere else on the net) is still a good thing to strive for.
I am, however, encouraged by the direction the net is taking, and it should get there someday.
Right now I'm stuck in a repeat loop. Why, you ask? Well, I'm an INTJ - a mastermind. How can you do mastermind work at my age? Well, its not like there are a lot of job openings for 31 year old masterminds. Unless you want to go into criminal masterminds.
Granted, I could be a military mastermind, a legal mastermind, a hollywood mastermind, or even a business mastermind. Out of all those, I think business would be the most likely at my age/expereince/networking level. Oooh, maybe I could be an internet mastermind. I could make up fake videos like you see on the net about ghosts, or 3 years old fingerpainters. Or the tricks done by magicians such as Chris Angel.
I could get real good at that. And as long as no body tries to sue me over it, it couldn't hurt! Now If I only had gobs of free time on my hands....

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