Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Criminals in America

Criminals in America

So yesterday I did some more thinking about what Job I should go for next. I have trouble finding something I’m passionate about. I looked again at some stuff I saved – and revisited the Mastermind INTJ format. It really rang true. I then equivocated my masterminded nature to that of someone looking for Truth, as per the Vought discussion group I am in. There was a different dimenion to my having to come up with a life philosophy – I had to battle

  1. Ruling out a large portion of things I’d find interesting
  2. Ruling out an easy way to be rich

While determining if I should be moral or amoral.

So anyway, I’ve been wondering how many criminal masterminds are out there.
David Kiersey estimates that less than 1% of the population is INTJ – masterminds. That would leave about 3 million Americans. Now lets say that the ones who are old enough to perpetrate criminal offensives (18 years and older) is 75%. That leaves 2.25M potential criminal masterminds. But lets also say that in order to keep them from getting caught easily, they need to be at least as smart as me. I have an IQ of 141, and .5% of the population has one above 140. So that would leave 11,250 possible criminal masterminds who can operate independently and have the intelligence to keep from being caught easily.

I’m trying to find out how many possible Criminal masterminds on the scale of the Riddler are out there. So the only piece of data that I need is:

How many of the 11,250 are lawyers?

There are 1,143,358 American lawyers in 2007. if 1% of them are masterminds, that means that potentially 11,433 laywers are criminal masterminds.

Considering that 99% of lawyers have a sense of relative morality when it comes to their clients (i.ei, they will do whatever is necessary to win the case for their clients), it is entirely possible that every criminal mastermind out there is a lawyer.

Which would explain the seemingly rareness of criminals the likes of The Riddler or Ben Bernake or Bernie Madoff. And it would also explain why OJ is a free man to this day.

Well, that makes me sleep more soundly at night!

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