Thursday, July 15, 2010

The love/light metaphor

Prayer: I love my wife so much Lord, and the source of all my love comes from you. When I was a child, I didn’t know what love was, I didn’t understand it at all, I remember telling people I loved them, but not knowing really what it meant. I loved the sunshine, the fresh air, and playing in it. But it was not real love. For now I know that God is love. This means He is the source of love. This means that the love I have for things is given to me as a gift from God. I must never forget this. Love is God, it comes from God, and it goes back to God as a form of my worship of him. Love cannot come from me, for nothing good can begin in me – I am a sinful creature.
The best thing I could do is to reflect back the light (love) that God casts upon me – as a mirror would. For God FIRST loved us. All we can give to Him started with that first love. He is the rock which was first cast into the sea – the love we have is mere ripples from that first plunk. Our love begins in Him, flows to us through His choice/will/might, and returns back to Him in the end.
What is darkness in a human soul? It is absorbing that love, like a black hole. Not reflecting any of it. This is dark, this is black, this is the absence of love. I agree with Michael R. Burch and expand upon his assay – We are all composed of a dual nature. We can merely choose which side to face towards the source of light and love – a side which absorbs all light, or a side which reflects all light. This is the base of salvation. How grateful I am to God that He has given us such metaphors with which to work! No wonder He had to make light with such peculiar properties (it acts as massless energy in some ways and particles of mass in others).
Love is such a peculiar thing! Were it not for light, I’d have no hope of understanding love, it would remain a foreign and nebulous concept.
With light, I have something to compare love to, something I can observe and compare to. God understood this and used the light/love metaphor countless times in the Bible. Probably over 200 times:

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