Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Answered Prayers

Today I was reading Psalm 50 and vs. 23 jumped out at me as identifying a change I should make in my life. God said "It's the praising life that honors me." So I thought, "Why not praise God publicly as well as privately?" So here I am to give praise to the Lord Almighty, who is and is to come, and who cares for the birds of the field and even me, my prayers to Him have been answered.
Three weeks ago my nuclear family left to visit relatives in other states. I missed them terribly, especially my wife, who has cared for me every day (except for about 30 days of that I was traveling). One day on my way to work I was listening to the radio and they mentioned a verse in the bible about the power of prayer and the power of the name of Jesus in answering prayers. I came into a deeper knowledge and practice of it. That night when I went home I prayed for strength to not be lonely. And God answered my prayer because I had faith He would. I haven't been lonely since. I went from 100% lonely to 0% in a matter of minutes. Only God could do that.
13 days ago I was driving home from work and the check engine light came on in my car. My car is a reliable type of engineering, about 8 years old. I started to worry about it, especially since my wife wasn't around and therefore the extra car was gone. I'd have no way to get it to the mechanic. I went home and checked the oil. It was low, which is typical because it has a problem with oil leaking past the piston rings. It was 2.5 quarts lower than a month ago, so I filled it back up. I was hoping that the light would turn off after 4 cycles. But that didn't happen. After about 10 days I gave up hope and was ready to go to Autozone tonight to get the OBDII code read for free. But this morning I prayed to God to protect me and my car. When I got in the car and turned it on to go to work - I was pleasantly surprised to see the light was no longer on. I know it was God because of the timing. And if it had just been the oil burning or something, the light would have gone off a lot sooner than after 16 cycles.
God has also protected my wife on her long trip, healed me, my wife, and my daughter of sickness in the past 30 days, and answered every single prayer I've prayed.
And now, I'm a witness of this to everyone who reads this blog.

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