Saturday, July 12, 2008

better grass trimmer, ice cream thirst, and pissy buggs

To follow up to my last post, I ended up purchasing the Black and Decker ST4500 from about $20. Its a bump feed, and I'm pleased with its performance. When you twist the head to edge, the force of the string on the dirt practically levitates the trimmer for you. Its very light, plugs in so its eco-friendly, and it's got K.I.S.S. written all over it.
I have heard that no one can scientifically explain why ice-cream makes one thirsty. I've also heard that the sugar and salt in it kicks cell osmosis into overdrive, depriving your body of water. I'm not sure, but I would like to throw out another hypothesis.
Here it is: The lipids in the fat suspension are hydrophobic. They attach to your "thirst-buds" and drive all the water away. Thus, you feel thirsty. Perhaps osmosis has something to do with it too, but I believe that is a slower reaction than my hypothesized interaction. And it seems you get thirsty quite quickly. What do you think?

Bugs Bugs Bugs, everywhere and not a drop to drink. Because these bugs drank it all then pissed it all over me when I walked underneath the tree they live on. What kind of a bug pees on you when you get near it? I finally caught one and took some pictures of it. I wish I knew what kind of bug this was. ITs really bugging me. They turn the leaves white and fly around really fast when disturbed. It has two bulging eyes on the sides of its head. The top is black and the bottom is light brown. It has six legs and the abdomen looks like a firefly; its about a half inch long. Unless you can tell me what bug this is, I'll call them pissflies. Maybe can help. No one I have talked to knows what these little things are! I think they are related to blister beetles.

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