Monday, March 17, 2008


And why shouldn't it be? Other than a streak of bad luck lately, things are going pretty well.
- I've started back up on my MBA (for the last time)
- I got an A in the Economics course (thats a running 4.0!)
- I have unexpected money coming in from leasing out the natural gas under my house
- I also got a new roof and didn't have to pay for it (State Farm did - thank you State Farm!
- I got a bonus from work

So what if my van door broke (I fixed it myself - see my post on - search for van door handle)
So what if I got ripped off and spent over $500 on an allergy test.
I've got my health (and now I know to stay away from all grass, trees, dust mites especially, dogs, cats, molds, horses, etc. etc. I'm at least mildly allergic to every thing. Can you believe they want thousands of more dollars to do immunotherapy again! I just had it 15 years ago! I wonder how much it cost my parents for that. The arlington asthma and allergy center charges $22 for two shots per visit. ON top of that, it costs $1000 for the serum - 3 month supply. They want me to go twice a week for 3 months! Then one a week for three months, then it tapers off - for at least 3, but maybe 5 years! That would be like $6000 - $10,000! Man, its just not cost effective. I could drive a car, or maybe not get sick. Not to mention getting poked a thousand times. I hate getting poked.
Maybe I can just mix up some dust mite poop and water and inject it into my arm - do it yourself immunotherapy.
Hey, don't steal my business idea - diy immunotherapy .com

Thats the other thing on my mind - how to start a business or something on the side that would generate some income.

I'm open for suggestions.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller....

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