Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What I learned in 2007

1. I can't blog consistently. This is probably due partly to my inconsistent nature. Partly due to living life, outside of the computer. I just added it up, and I've listened to over 750 hours of Christian financial radio shows this past 12 months.

2. Dave Ramsey recycles (reuses) old calls on his radio show. I figured this out because of all the radio calls I've listened to. Maybe when I call in for my debt free scream, I will try to get him to acknowledge this. He is always saying "Open calls doesn't mean you can get through, just that you pick the topic). If you need proof of this, listen to the 11/09 podcast (free hour) and the previous one from about a month prior. The broke trucker called in who made $21,000 per year.

3. I never have and never will get any breaks in this life - and for good reason. Let me preface by saying this - I have been blessed with good parents, a few good friends and a good family. Those are all things I didn't deserve and could have had a lot worse off.
But from there on out - no breaks for me. I never won anything. People always tell me no, and never say yes. No one comes to the meetings I call, just because I asked. I get pushed aside, set on the back burner.
The reason is that I'm just not that remarkable. I always have to prove myself, no one will just take my word for it.
Is life like that for everyone? I've met a few people, I've just given them the benefit of the doubt. They've run off with my money.

This is why I predict 2008 will be the year of realizing my shortcomings.

4. My quote for the year is this: "No one will give you credit where credit is due. You have to take it."
I've tried striking deals with car salesmen, restaurant owners, etc. I'm trying to be self employed - a consultant. Nothing comes easy.
In 2007 I realized I have shortcomings. I can't always communicate what I want to get across. I'm not the best at sharing my ideas. I have a short temper for no reason with my kids. No one is going to say "based on how well you've done, here's the keys to...."
Every dollar I earn is going to be a struggle, as well it should be. For the next ten years I'll be ready for a fight, I'll be in my warrior stage.

5. Lastly and most importantly - what I am really good at. There have been times in my life I couldn't care less about #4 above - times when I have done something truly amazing. Like yesterday, I was able to amaze Eric by guessing his new friends age. Or in college when I saw a 5 minute video and told the class the life summary of the couple in the video. Or when I used to cyber chat and really freak people out by telling them their life history, even what they were doing right then.
Its like a super power - but what can you really do with that to make money?
Well, I've seen a couple ways.
1. Salespeople use it all the time to size up customers to personalize the sales pitch.
2. Profilers use it to make up a story of someones life from a few clues.
3. Mediums use it to make people believe they are talking to the dead, thus bilking them out of cash.
4. Writers use it to develop a believable character.
5. Employers use it to fill in the blanks about a person.

Basically, its helpful to simply fully understand a person and where they are coming from.

There are a few other things I am good at, which I will investigate more fully at a later date.

Ta Ta for now.

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