Thursday, November 30, 2006

My interests

My interests

I have been looking into ISO shipping containers for use by my church. Has anyone tried to make a home out of those things? I think it would be cool (and cheap).

Favorite book series: Left Behind by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins
For some reason or another, I am good at surviving. Go figure. I’m always the last standing at survival games such as laser tag, capture the flag, etc. This series deals with the ultimate survival scenario – Armageddon. If that were to happen in my lifetime, I’d be John Conner.
I do enjoy writing, and I have learned to be quite good at it. I scored high enough on my SAT in the verbal category to not have to take any English type classes in college, although doing so would have been a mistake. I will proudly post my previous written literature soon on this blog so you can decide for yourself if I am any good.

As you probably noticed from my last post, I’m what you would call a “late adopter” to technology. If I had a ton of money to blow, I would be an early adopter, and when I see a technology that is worth it, I will acquire it. But as for most things, like cell phones, I am waiting for the technology to get to the point where it is worth my while to buy it. Most things I’ve seen, I’m not too impressed with. If I had spent my time creating them, I would have come up with something far better and higher quality. This leads to my next interest…

I keep an inventors notebook. When I get a great idea, I will write it down and date it. I’m waiting for a sure thing that I can parlay into a company. It has to meet certain criteria, and be worth my time. When you are starting a company from scratch, you have to hit a homerun with your product – you may not get another chance. Most of the things that I have invented are now patented by somebody else. Some of them are making those people (or most likely, companies) money. However, none of them would have been the product to kick off a new company. Roller blade brakes, at-home AIDS test, dishwasher improvements (from time served in restaurants), social concept models, technology reinterpretation and application, and social/political programs are some of the ones which would have been a waste of an entrepreneurs time. However, I have a handful of inexpensive marketable product ideas that could be golden.

I like to draw/paint, etc. I don't do much anymore, but I will post my previous work in chronological order from high school.
Most of it isn’t very artistic, just realistic. There are a few pieces, touched by humanity, that rise above the rest. I envy people who artistically interpret life to create something more than a photographic reproduction done by hand.

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