Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My first post

Yes, I finally started a blog. I don't Facebook or MySpace or have a cell phone or anything, but I decided to blog. Why, you ask? I am curious about life. I want to share my observations with others and see if they have similar experiences, or different conclusions. I think that by putting everything about me on a website, then when a person searches the internet, they will perhaps see a phrase in my blog which describes what they are looking for. I have so many questions. Sometimes when I google, I find one or no hits. And I am searching for a phenomenon or something I think should be fairly common.

I believe the Internet is in its infancy - we ain't seen nothin' yet. So I can see how there are plenty of topics not yet on the net. But I want to remedy that, and I plan to do so with this blog. I will start by posting all my creations from the past 27 years. This should be a good start for me. I have had a lot of thoughts and experiences in those years. Granted, I don't have them all computerized, and my memory is lacking. But I think it will fill in pretty nicely. Second, I will start capturing my inquisitions as they happen. For instance, why are two of my eyebrow hairs twice as long at the rest? My hypothesis is that as you get old, you get bushy eyebrows. It creeps in on you, one hair at a time. I plucked them out. I get extra long hairs other places too though. Do you? What about I feel sorry for people who mutilated their faces to be "pretty" and now regret it. Well, I feel sorry in a smug sort of way. But I'm working on that.

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