Friday, March 3, 2017

Poem - Girl Power

The strength of a Girlie
The strength of a female is different from that of a male.  A male prefers bravado, a female can afford no such luxury.  She prefers the weapons of planning, cunning, steadfastness, readiness, and determination.  When the enemy has their guard down, she will strike for the kill.  When it is up, she will strike on the offense. 
She will not tire, she will not rest, she will not stop until the job is done.  You will take one look at her and underestimate her.  She has a curvy silhouette and short stature.  That will be your undoing.  She is smart.  While her enemies are goofing off, she is training.  While they are taking a break, she is studying.  While they take a risk, she calculates a successful attack plan.  She may not be as strong as you, but she will nip at your edges until you are only a soft chewy center, ripe for the plucking. 

Then, if you’ve caught her on a good day, she will show you mercy and let you live.  She will even bandage your wounds, cook you dinner, and serve you in many ways.  Her tenacity does not stop.  She is not swayed by whimsy, but instead she is motivated by what is right and wrong.  She will continue to do what is right, despite your temptations to get her to succumb.  There is no weakness in her.  Her core is strength and under those curves are muscles strong from years of caring for others through years of abuse.  

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