Tuesday, October 29, 2013

An Open Letter to Ted Cruz; Be My Prez, Cruz

Dear Mr. Cruz,

I think you would be a great president because you are what America needs right now.  Right now, America needs someone who will stand up to Washington fat cats and nullify Obama as a president of the United States, and all his actions while president.  America needs someone who will shoot straight, and remind us why America is great.  That is to say, someone who isn't afraid to reaffirm the vision of America as the last great hope for the world - a country ruled by Biblical Principles.  We need someone who can inculcate the fact that our country is great to the extent that its leaders and citizens humble themselves before God, begging Him to protect us.  Someone who can prove why this is the case and the great deal we stand to lose if we turn our backs on God.  We don't need just another Republican, or conservative, who just spouts out the great liberties of America, without any understand as to their foundation or the requirement that with great freedom comes great responsibility.  Indeed, our freedom is a responsibility, given to us by God, and easily taken away, so we must be diligent to beg God to not do so, and by doing this and this ALONE, we will return America to the status of world leader.  Not only can God reverse the course of America, He can make us once again prosperous and safe.  He can tread down our enemies, who are found under every rock all over the world - if we make our enemies His enemies, and cease being His enemy.
            Ted, I will vote for you.  I will ask 100 other people to vote for you.  I would donate $1000 to your campaign.  When I weigh the costs of not donating to your election, that is quite a bargain.  Please explain that to everyone.  And remember, when you are president, in order to move on, you will have to address the usurper who is currently in office and nullify his presidency before God will allow you to move on and successfully lead America.  I know there will be a tendency to just pass that over, but it must not be allowed to be overlooked, or it will happen again.  Besides, you can easily delegate that to 100 other passionate trustworthy men who can see to the details of unraveling the web of a foreign puppet presidency.


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