Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why should I care about Global Warming?

Let me summarize the Leftist opinion on global warming:  It will cause change, I don't like change.

Pretty much anyone who believes that there is human-caused global warming also believes that the earth goes through long cycles of warming and cooling.

So why are they so adamant about stopping human-caused global warming?  Its not like there is anything we can do to affect the temperature of the earth all that much, except nuclear weapons.  
Are they really trying to get our panties in a bunch about gradual increases in ocean height relative to shoreline?  That sounds as nerdy as trying to start a global campaign to fight underwater frozen methane formations from thawing.
But that's about all they do.  In fact, here is their main point:
"Global warming is happening. In 20-30 years, going outisde for 10 minutes means severe burns. Carbon dioxide is destroying the ozone layer, which is melting the polar ice caps, thus making it hotter on earth, the sea level is rising, and in about 50 years, if Greenland and west Antarctica melt, the twin tower memorial will be underwater, Florida's coast will be underwater more than 200 miles from where it is now. I can go on, and on about this! If you wanna know more, go to"

Here's another one "Consequences will probably affect us directly, because we will live in a warmer world, with less water, in a world with damaged flora and fauna."
This one is more intelligent, or should I say, less stupid: "The Ganges River Delta is one of the most heavily populated places on the planet. Kolkata (Calcutta), the surrounding state of Uttar Pradesh and southern Bangladesh are especially susceptible to flooding. In fact, millions of people are displaced from their homes every year by seasonal floods. The southern third of Bangladesh is at best ten feet above sea level. Many scientists are predicting that on average, global sea levels will rise more than 1.5 meters in the coming decades. It could be much higher if scientific predictions about accelerating Greenland and Antarctic ice melt come to fruition. India and Bangladesh do not have the resources to build thousands of miles of dikes and sea walls to protect coastal communities. India’s population is already over one billion and it is projected to rise to 1.6 billion by 2050. Where are all of these displaced people going to go?"
So if over the next 30 years, the sea level could rise 4.5 feet.  Worst case scenario, by his own admittance.  And he wonders where are all these people going to go?  I think they'll be able to outrun the rapidly increasing sea level.  Even the slowest moving organism in the world could.  

Let me articulate the only real argument a Global Warmer has - Warmer oceans made for bigger storms.  This is the only valid and relevant issue I could find with global warming.  However, since human activity creates less than 1% of the greenhouse gases that are responsible for global warming, so if it's going to happen there ain't a damned thing you can do to stop it.
My advice about the whole thing is similar to the advice I give to the starving people in Africa, which is "Move out of the desert!"
So to anyone concerned about Global Warming I say "Move away from the shoreline!"

I'm tired of paying higher insurance premiums because you idiots feel like living on the beach anyway.
You can get over it.  Embrace the change.  Change is good.  

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