Thursday, April 16, 2009

One million people protest at "Tea Parties"

I'd like to thank all the thousands of Americans who participated in a Tea Party yesterday.

I doubt they will really scrap the code, but I like to support people who try. If I could do something I know would make a direct difference, I would in a heartbeat.

A socialist might say "I don't get it. Are you saying that you lean more toward 'ethics' than what would benefit the kingdom? So what you are saying is, you are in favor of eliminating any benefit for giving and penalize the people who do? I don't think we can win by suffocating the rich ungodly under the weight of more wealth. "

I would respond:
If a flat tax were passed, it would probably lead more people to give less to charity. But to me, that is an ethical issue. I don't expect anyone with non-judeo-Christian ethics to support charity - there just isn't any real motivation to in that case.
As for Christians who only donate 2.3% of their gross income - I'm working on that issue directly with people in my community. Additionally, since the poorest American's give the highest percentage of their incomes, those numbers should be jumping up here soon due to the economic recession. I'm not saying we should eliminate any benefit for giving. The benefits for giving are a 10,000% return in our eternal home and those benefits no institution (nor moth, rust, thief nor fire) can destroy.
Yet if one doesn't agree with that, and sees the only benefit as one of tax reduction, then if taxes are such a burden, wouldn't that same person then be highly in favor of a flat tax? Or at least a reduction in taxes in general? If taxes are so greedily avoided.

A person who is a slave to money instead of God will remain a slave whether they have $100 or $100 Million. Less taxes doesn't suffocate them any more than the current tax code.

Money truly is a spiritual issue, and when the government seeks to manipulate how its subjects handle their money (as with our tax code) they are meddling with the spiritual realm of its citizens. Thus it is crossing the "Wall of separation between church and state". and since Congress is inhibited from acts respecting religion, the current tax code is constitutionally illegal. Only a flat tax, such as the kind Jesus was encouraging people to render unto Cesar, would be non-manipulative of the spiritual realm of its citizens.

Therefore for a tax code to be constitutional, it must not have an influence on people's donations to Charity.

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