Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why America is dead

Reading Psalm 79 today, I see that this will be the picture of America soon.

Once 1/3rd of the population has defected or died. God will bring the once great America to its knees. Does America not remember what made it mighty and to be feared among all nations? America rose out of the dust and ashes through the blood, sweat, and tears of the saints who had the common goal of glorifying the One.

America had a short memory and forgot its birth. Ask anyone on the street today, and no one gives credit to the Lord as the strength of America.

Much like in vs. 1, our cities will be piles of rubble, our empty churches crumbling.

Recently the Indianapolis colts won the Superbowl and their stadium, the RCA dome, was then demolished to make way for a larger stadium. The roof of this stadium was made out of fiberglass cloth and weighed 257 tons. “How could this fabric protect the indoor stadium from the extremes of Indiana weather?”, you may ask. Ever since it was constructed, large fans constantly blew air into the stadium in order to keep the roof from falling in. 24 hours a day for 24 years these great fans worked to give the roof its dome shape. But at last, one fateful day in December, the switch was turned off and the roof caved in.

Without a roof, the only thing left to do was implode the walls and cart off the rubble. Similarly, America’s roof has been kept inflated these past 233 years by the Spirit of God. But America flipped the switch sometime during the late 60’s and our roof has been deflating ever since, as evidenced by the decline of practicing Christians in the United States. (http://www.southernstudies.org/2009/03/survey-finds-christianity-on-the-decline----even-in-the-south.html)

God likes to see spiritual growth in a nation, just as He does in an individual. Once either starts to backtrack, it spells disaster. Now the only group that is growing is the “Nones”, those who have no religious belief.

• 86% of American adults identified as Christians in 1990 and 76% in 2008. (http://b27.cc.trincoll.edu/weblogs/AmericanReligionSurvey-ARIS/reports/highlights.html)

I dare you to try to go into an American non-religious college today and tell the student body the simple truth that has been proved out over the centuries that “To the extent a nation embraces Christ, its economy flourishes, and to the extent it falls away from Christ, its economy recedes.”

This is quite a simple truth that any student of history can attest to. It has even been proven by leading Communist China state sponsored economists such as Zhao Xiao.

I dare you knowing that you will quickly find a revolt on your hands. The students will not simply ignore you as a religious wacko, they will outright oppose you en masse. And these children are our future.

Our future looks bleak. America is a goner.

However, I can’t end this post without mentioning one thing. There is hope. Were America to turn back and seek God and His help, were the numbers of those seeking Christ to start increasing in surveys, God would come to America’s rescue.

Let me ask you though – under what circumstances do you think this will happen? Under what circumstances do you think the American Population, who has full access to volumes of Christian literature, with a church on every corner, when practically every Christian has been approached personally with a chance to be saved – under what circumstances will these hard of heart turn to God?

Answer: Economic Collapse. Personal devastation. End of the line. No where else to turn.

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