Monday, January 5, 2009

The miracle of the kids going to bed and the healing of my knee.

My wife and I were discussing the pro’s and con’s of different ways of handling quiet times with God. In the Bible, it mentions reading his word and studying it. It also mentions pray and meditating. She is more into one and I am more into the other. I’ve concluded we both need to help each other grow in the areas which we are weakest.
But I’m glad she reminded me of that when she did. I put it into practice immediately, with the understanding of my new and powerful prayer life. We were in the bedroom of the hotel room and the kids were in the living area on a fold out couch. All three of them next to each other after a long day of traveling, then a short hour of playing in the pool. Would anyone expect three kids to settle down and go to sleep? Well, we didn’t but I knew that God was good, all the time, and that the impossible was possible, with Him. So I prayed for Him to quiet them all down and put them to sleep if possible within one minute. It went from arguing and screwing around to dead quiet within that minute exactly. My wife was amazed. I was kind of too, but told her what I prayed and that I expected as much from God.
Also over the vacation, I noticed a big knot had formed above my knee. I’m not quite sure what it is or what caused it. It didn’t hurt, although there is some knee pain (probably from working out and squatting over 300 lbs.). I noticed it one day and mentioned it to my wife. A few days later, I showed my dad. No one knew what it was. It wasn’t getting any bigger or smaller. Then a few days later, I prayed for God, if it were in His will, to heal this knob on my knee. The very next morning, it had decreased in size by 75%. These aren’t miracles folks. This is just God doing what He does. It’s a prayer life that is fully freed up and has faith, even if it is smaller than a mustard seed. Lets say its .000001 oz. of faith. Multiply that by the infinite power of God, and you get a megaton bomb of prayer power.

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