Monday, November 10, 2008

Scary thought - The singularity event

You know how these days, most older folks aren't online. Well, what would happen if they were? Think about all those opinionated, set in their ways do gooders powered by the internet. Not only would my inbox be full of chain letters, but politicians would be at their mercy. And with time on their hands, oh my! They'd have time on their hands. They wouldn't have to write out Christmas and birthday cards the old fashioned way anymore... they'd have oodles of free time.
And they would be communicating. Neworking. They'd probably have their own Facebook...
I think that this would be the singularity event which brings the good of US of A to its knees, and eventually leads to the collapse of our great country, vis a vis Rome.
Gradually, more and more senior citizens are coming online every year. By the time I join their ranks, there will probably be 99% of us old farts online. Therefore, I predict the fall of the U.S. government sometime in the 2040's.
Not that I'm against old people being online, just that it ought to be interesting, given their stubborn tendencies. It sure will be hard to be an online retailer. Imagine the review's they'll write! And especially on sites like!
I don't think I'll miss the old government, do you?

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