Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Wacky Idea

To an agnostic, it’s a wacky idea that there is a book written by God.  Most anyone would say, if such book exists, you sure would want to know about it, it would change everything, wouldn’t it?  Well, right here, I do have one.  You can throw all the Holy Books in a big pile and I can show you how to pick out which one is written by God. 

The one thing about God, is that God is omnipotent.  If someone who is omnipotent, then they would be able to know everything.  Including that a bunch of Holy books would be written, and that it must be discernible to the average person, which one is the real deal. 

So there is a book, and God did write something in it that only he would know. 

Only one book…..

1817 prophecies.  

I've included a picture just in case you ever wanted to crack one open, you'd know what it looks like:

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