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What do Piers, Oprah, and Tiller have in common?

Before I get to what these three have in common, I need to tell you a story, the one that prompted me to write this post. 

Dateline: Sunday, 6 PM 2011 at CCC with Mary Kay Ross; husband Bill
Editorial note: (I apologize for the random nature of this post. The talk I listened to was all over the place. I’ve done my best to rearrange the stories to make sense. I think even in is random state, the things she said are true, powerful, and helpful to hear. )
A Summary of Mary Kay's Story: She got married at 18, even though she had a full ride scholarship to college. Her mother wanted her to go to college, but she was “in love” and so she didn’t listen. Bad choice. Her husband when she was 18 didn’t want to have kids, but she was already pregnant. She contracted with Dr. Tiller to have an abortion over 30 years ago. She was told “This isn’t a human being.” She had the abortion, but her husband left her anyway.
Later, Mary's promiscuouls lifestyle got her pregnant again.  She had a little boy at 26 weeks term on her bathroom floor. When she took Jason to the hospital, they threw him in a bag and told her to go away and get on with her life. 
This brutal start to life would shape and mold her into the caring and loving and kind person she is today and provide her with all the motivation she needed to become the number one anti-abortion activist in the world. 
Mary had two husbands before she met Bill. They both had 4 kids when they got married, like the Brady Bunch. She became a Christian at year after she married Bill.
She used to go out to Dr. Tillers clinic a lot. He didn’t like her. He built a 10 ft. fence so she couldn’t talk to the women going in the clinic. And she would talk to them. Not a woman goes in there thinking, "Hey I want to go kill my child again." If you give them another choice, they will choose to let the baby live. They only go into the clinics out of desperation. She would holler from a ladder over the fence: "What would it take for you today to not kill your baby?"  Whatever it took, she would give them: money or whatever. They have rescued 84 babies so far. She has heard people near the clinic yelling: “You’re going to go to hell if you kill your child”. She doesn’t know who their Jesus is, but her Jesus covers that sin.
The girls coming into a clinic don’t know Jesus, they just know the man who raped them or got them pregnant. One time, she decided to let the pregnant girls live in her basement so they wouldn’t have to have an abortion. Their parents tell the girls, you can’t come home pregnant. So they live in her house. She talked to attorney Rick Masseus. With his help, they adopted a special needs child that was almost aborted from a hospital. A botched Tiller abortion at 36 weeks. Tiller injected the baby girl with Digoxin, and it hit her head. They had her wrapped from head to toe in an incubator. He went over to her and started unwrapping her and held her and sang to her. The nurse said, you can’t touch the baby. She’s not going to live anyway, she’s not viable, so they woke a judge up, got temporary custody, and adopted her 30 days later, she couldn’t walk, talk or see, but she would go with Mary when she would do a speaking engagement.  Mary named the baby Sarah and loved her new daughter. 
It's hard for us to wrap our minds around the brutality of killing a child. So when people would see Sarah, it was like there was a face to the abortion. And Mary Kay would go to a lot of schools and talk and stuff. One time a girl came up to her and told her that she was at Sacred Heart Hospital when Mary came to talk, and she held Sarah and changed her mind and Mary Kay kissed that little boy all over.
One time a man came up to her when she was cleaning out her car in the driveway.  He said "Are you Mary Kay?" He then proceeded to beat her up, and she was afraid he would get in the house. He said, keep your mouth shut and this won't happen again; her nose and jaw were broken. So now they know their family is in danger, so a group of pro-life people hid them in 1995. The assailant: They never found him even though he had a tattoo. The second assailant said: Tiller is tired of this.
Sarah got away from the clutched of Dr. Tiller because back then, when a baby was born alive, the clinic had to do a birth certificate for the baby.  Its obvious that now they aren’t adhering to the Born Alive law.  Why?  Because no one wants to police if they kill the baby afterwards.
Mary was once invited to Topeka to speak, but before they could go, Sarah died. She lived 5 years; she was given 0 days to live. She was on an oxygen monitor the whole time. She had a stroke at 6 months. Digoxin is used to stop the baby’s heart.
There was a little boy at 21 and a half weeks who survived almost 6 days after being born. This closes the gap. They like to say the baby isn’t viable, but if a 21 week old can survive and is viable outside of the womb, then its obvious that isn't true. 
The truth of the situation:
She believes in angels, that God sends them to protect us. She believes she wasn’t killed because God had more work for her to do, and they moved up to Valley Centre. In 1998, baby Sarah went home to be with Jesus, there were 900 people at her funeral. People would come up to them and say how their daughter touched their life.
Men are touched by abortion too. One time a big guy came up to her and he cried, “Stop my wife, she’s going to end the life of my child”, and she had to say, “I can’t”.  The law says that she can go in and end the life of her child. Abortion is here.
The feeling that you helped save a little baby and you see it grow up, it is so awesome.
How to help:What can you do? The doctors are herein Kansas doing abortions out of a doctors office here.
She prayed for Dr. Tiller a lot – that is how you stop abortion. Ask God to change their hearts. Teach your children that sex is a special gift for just their husband; it is 100% birth control.
The morning Tiller was shot, she cried for him because she doesn’t think he was right with Jesus. And she doesn’t want any ones soul to go to hell. Life matters whether you were the abortionist or the baby. People say to her – well Tiller had it coming, right? She says : “I hope I don’t get what I have coming to me.” She misses Sarah and thinks about her every day. They adopted 7 children out of their love for Sarah.
If you see a young pregnant girl, ask her what she needs. Volunteer to baby sit so she can go to school. WE can put the abortionist out of work with the love of Jesus Christ.
IF you know someone affected by abortion, get them Rachel’s Retreat; they name their baby, dedicate the baby, give it a funeral. It’s for men and women. You have to grieve.
Where else can you get the late term abortion? Right now, you have to go to Kansas city. There are two doctors who are training people in Wichita. They don’t want us to know. They are doing first trimester abortions out of a doctor’s office.
Who can we align ourselves with to help the girls? Go to Kansans For Life. They always need help. They are the ones who uncovered that the doctors were in town. We were silent for so long, and we have no one to blame but ourselves when the abortionists come into the down.
Its $5000 or more cash for a late term abortion, and you sign a paper saying you won’t sue them if you die, etc.
When you adopt a child, you take on their medical expenses. George Tiller tried to charge Mary for the balance of the botched Sarah abortion - $500. Now that Tiller is dead, Mrs. Tiller is letting the abortion clinic stand empty for eternity. So they are doing it out of a doctor’s office. So any OBGYN can do those.
Why did Mrs. Tiller allow her husband to give abortions?  Women don't like to kill babies, but Mrs. Tiller was so addicted to the money. He did 25 abortions a week. At $5000 a pop. So when he died, it all came full circle to her. She looked the other way. Mary thinks that God has softened her heart. He performed 60,000 abortions in Wichita over 30 years. That’s $300,000,000 dollars.
Keep praying, especially for the abortionist.
Women want men to protect them. Mary would have given anything for the hospital or anyone to say that they would have done whatever it took to raise the boy, Jason, who would be 36 like now.

Oprah on the Piers Morgan Tonight show.
Oprah, when asked by Piers about her abortion, said “I didn’t feel any connection to my baby." She thought to herself “This is my second chance.” when the baby didn’t make it home from the hospital. I can tell that the only thing Oprah cares about is that the trajectory of her life didn’t end. If she had kept the baby, it would have changed. All her success she attributes to this "trajectory" she was one, and also, at the beginning of the interview, to a "higher power". It is clear to me that his "higher power" is not God, and I’m beginning to think that Oprah made a deal with the devil that day of her abortion. The life of that child for her life of fame.
She attributes her “Not being the marrying type” to “all this” (her fame). She said she is a different type of person, which means that fame has so overtaken her, that it has defined her. She made that decision long ago. And Satan delivered on his promise, she is famous, the Queen of America, as Piers called her. She is corrupting young girls minds by saying that its OK to not get married. It's so clear to me that she has no real sympathy in her soul, otherwise she would have had sympathy for that poor child of hers that died.  The devil has drained Oprah of any real compasssion (It obvious to anyone who meets her or watches her on her show, even through her pretense)
      Compare Oprah to Mary Kay, who doesn’t let a day go by without her thinking of the children she has lost. The real human here is clear. The real brand of Love here is clear. Oprah says that her brand is Love, but really its selfishness, the opposite of love. I don’t buy what she is selling. Unfortunately, most of America does, and she is the queen of the selfish horde.
Its so obvious that she is satanic, the opposite of Christ. Satan has filled that empty shell with selfish greed. For instance, when asked about money buying happiness, she says “It can certainly pave the way for it.” That means yes, she believes money can buy happiness. What else would you expect from someone who soul her very soul for fame and fortune?

She lives for the here and now, her motto is “Be here, be now”. She lives for the moment. This has led so many young people down a path of self-gratification, and they give anything just to be happy. They don’t think of the long-term consequences of their actions.
She knows she was "here for a bigger purpose." Yeah, I bet. She has a network and she knows how to use it. And she thinks Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have been proud of her new network being launched. I have news for her. He is turning over in his grave that this evil woman is queen of America.  Dr. King was a real Christian, with real compassion, and he'd not like to see an actual tool of the Devil be used to tell our young kids that it is OK to have an abortion as long as you become a millionaire, even if that tool is an African American.  Dr. King was color blind, and he wanted others to be also.  He didn't just want more rich African Americans than there were before. 

What do Piers, Oprah, and Tiller have in common?

They are going to Hell. 

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