Monday, December 21, 2015

Tracfones dirty little secrets

I recently upgraded from an LG Optimus 2 to an LG22C and I learned a few things you might like to know.
1.  Tracfone can and does still transfer minutes, days of service, and/or phone numbers from your old tracfone to your new one.  Despite what some other blogs may be saying, it is still possible and not quite too difficult, if you read this blog post.
2.  The trick is to go to the Tracfone Facebook page and start up a chat with someone.  I started mine like this: "High Mark, can you help me transfer the minutes and days of service from my old tracfone to my new one?  But leave 5 days of service and the phone number on the old phone?
And Mark says.... "Yes, I can do that."  Mark had to do the service days thing manually, since he was splitting it up, but it still took all of 7 minutes.  Way to go Mark.  I'm guessing Tracfone hasn't outsourced their Facebook personnel yet.  So get it while you can, YMMV.
3.  Don't call their customer service number, especially after hours.  You would, like me, get someone who thinks all cellphones have sim cards and IMEI numbers.  When in fact, we all know that CDMA phones have no sim cards and most new phones only have MEID numbers (They refer to MEID DEC numbers as serial numbers).
4.  Do have your old and new phone numbers and MEID numbers handy, and give them to the rep after they say they can help you.

Happy Tracfoning!

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