Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How to encourage your kids to get along while playing xbox

Xbox Kinect is the kind of amazing technology I fantasized about as a child.  Now its here, and it really is uber cool to be able to use it.  
I've had one for a year, and let the kids play the kinect because unlike most video gaming, this isn't sedentary.  Its our way of exercising.  However, I noticed the unintended consequence of this - the Kinect UI is very frustrating sometimes, and its hard for young kids to be cordial to each other when playing it together.  Also, kids don't know how to rank the importance of the game in the overall scheme of things.  To them, a game is the most important thing in their lives, because their lives are so small.  
Yesterday I gave a rousing speech to my family about how unimportant the Xbox was.  I told them that one of the reasons we have it is so that we can practice life together, the right way, loving each other in the process.  But we are failing at that, and instead we tear each other apart when playing a game.  Why?  Because just like Satan wants, we are putting a stupid game above each other.  Games are so temporary, but each other are eternal, just as are the words we say to each other.  Its an amazing power that God gave us.  WE are going to start using that Xbox for Good, and slap Satan in the face.  We hate Satan, and we take a stand against him, and redeem this gaming console for the use of the Kingdom. 
                And after that rousing, theologically correct lecture, I encouraged everyone who now agreed that "Its not worth it" would be our new warning phrase to take a time out, to give each all a group hug.  And my son aid he didn't want to. 
                To me that presents a problem.  Someone who doesn't want a group hug is someone who is too stuck up to be a part of our family.  And therefore, that is someone who is not on the same page as the rest of us, and won't play by the rules that we outlined, which are based on selflessness.  If I let someone play with my family who doesn't follow our family rules, then they will start to break down.  They will hurt my children and my wife.  My wife's ears will hear more satanic fire and her soul will despair. 
                So I want more than someone who will just SAY they agree with this philosophy of gaming, I need players who will demonstrate the philosophy. So to that end, I am now implementing a measure to ensure that only people who demonstrate our Family Philosophy on Xbox gaming will be the ones playing my Xbox.  

Family Philosophy on Xbox Gaming

1.   The purpose of the Xbox is to practice life together, the right way, by loving each other in the process.
2.   Games are unimportant and temporary
3.   Family members, and how we treat them, is eternal. 
4.   If someone says to you "Its not worth it", then you must stop your game and take a time out.  Failure to do so will result in a Strike.
  1. Failure to play in a kind manner to each other will result in a strike.

After three strikers the player will be banned from Xbox gaming for one week, at which time the slate is wiped clean and they are given another chance.  If they get another ban, the time period will be increased to whatever the previous ban was, plus one day (up to one week at the discretion of the parent). 
The StrikeXBox.  Write Date of Infraction in box below.
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