Thursday, October 10, 2013

What you can do to stop Obamacare

1.  Write to your Senators and Representatives in the House!

Here's what I've done:

To John Cornyn:
The actual topic of this communiqué is slavery, but that wasn't an option.  Slavery is something we have to continue to fight, because there is always someone wanting to enslave us. Now John, I know you aren't keen on listening to little people like me, but just remember, you have grandchildren, and if don't work hard to stop Obamacare, you are making them slaves to the government.  At the very least, you could make Obamacare a non-mandatory self-funded government healthcare.  To do otherwise is really mean.  I mean, how much do you have your progeny? 

I also wrote to Ted Cruz twice to encourage him.  The second time was to forward him a suggestion from a liberal - who said "Why not just go after Obama's impeachment?"  I thought that was a grand idea too.   

2.  Sign petitions

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