Monday, March 24, 2014

How to beat LOTR Middle earth Defence 320x240 Cell phone game

It seems really hard at first, but once you know these strategies, it becomes really easy.
Rule #1, place barriers in such a way that it will force the attackers to go around your warriors in a circle, or U-shape. Position your warriors, if possible, in an area that will maximize the amount of time they can spend attacking enemies in their sphere of influence. On most levels it is possible to attack on 3 sides.
Rule #2 Start with an Elven archer, upgrade him two times, three if necessary to not let any enemies through. As soon as possible, get the hero archer. This is usually possible on the third level. Place him strategically, preferably as far away from the first archer as possible, but where both of your guys can attack bad guys utilizing their full sphere of influence. Upgrade Legolas as soon as possible until he is maxed out. Then upgrade your elven archer. Most levels, this is all the good guys you will need. If you need more good guys, get a hero or another maxed out archer. Some of the later levels will have these flying dragon things that you can shoot down really easily with an archer. When you get to the later levels, you can get Gandalf. He will take the place of Legolas in your strategy. Also, you can get Arwen – but she only helps on things that are weak to magic.
Rule #3 Barriers – use the barriers sparingly and never destroy one, it’s a waste of barrier. Save up for a Mirror of Gadriel as soon as possible and use that to slow enemies down while they are in the range of your heroes. Most of the earlier levels you should get two mirrors, three on the later levels. If you try a level and some bad guys get through, then redo the level and make some tweaks to your strategy. This is where the FFWD button the upper right of the screen comes in handy. If you let one or two get through in order to save your money up to buy a hero or upgrade a hero, don’t sweat it. As long as you are getting your guys upgraded, its not worth chasing a few bad guys here or there. Don’t waste money on buying guys and not upgrading them. Non-upgraded guys don’t do much damage and aren’t worth it. If you get a good guy, he needs to be fully upgraded. That’s about it – using these strategies you should be able to beat most levels with two or three good guys and only let 7 or 8 bad guys through.

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